On Saturday, the Jokers toppled Sibir Novosibirsk 4–3 in a guest tray.

Sibir rotted in the second set of goals, but the Jokers managed to turn the match into victory. The decisive hit in the third installment struck Viktor Lööv (1 + 1). Up to seven players from the Helsinki team scored.

The match started really briskly, with as many as five goals seen in the opening round. The Jokers took the lead John Normanin goal when the match was only played for 15 seconds. Norman directed the defenders to lead the points exchange Mikko Lehtonen line drawing directly to the finish.

It was the second fastest hit in the Jokers ’KHL history.

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Sibir was not lying on the fire either, but leveled the match in 2.58. The Jokers showed signs of the finish line soon again when Alex Grant hit their season-opening goal by hitting the top of the puck.

Siberian Finnish striker Mikael Ruohomaa made his team ‘s third hit, and Oleg li collected powers 2 + 1.

The Jokers shot very hard in the match, as the Helsinki team pulled 70 times and Sibir 37.

The Jokers is currently the fifth in the Western Conference. The team has won nine of its 13 matches.