The iPhone 12 is one of the smartphones most resistant to falls

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Apple It is not exactly from the smartphone manufacturers that stand out for composing resistant designs. Their protective glass, often declared tougher than the competition’s, is actually worse every year. But this time, the Apple iPhone 12 It passed the Allstate site drop tests and it did so with flying colors.

He iPhone 12 Pro It was also subjected to the same drop tests that the iPhone 12 went through, but the more expensive of the two failed to measure up to its younger brother. So the resistance to falls will undoubtedly be another argument to boost the popularity in sales of the iPhone 12 model over its Pro brothers.

IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro drop test details

The place Allstate dropped the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro into three different faces: the front, the back, and the side. In all cases the falls were carried out by a specialized machine that guaranteed that they fell on the corresponding face and all the falls were from a height of approximately 1.83 meters.

In its frontal fall, the iPhone 12 showed slight breaks at its ends, as well as serrations in its lateral aluminum casing. For its part, the iPhone 12 Pro was critically damaged. About 60% of the surface was totally chipped and even the new Ceramic Shield glass slightly peeled off the display.

The results became even more polarized in the subsequent drops. While the iPhone 12 came out practically unscathed from its fall on its back, once again, with signs of damage near its vertices, the iPhone 12 Pro was totally destroyed even showing cracks in the glass of some of its lenses.

Finally, the side falls caused practically no damage to either of the two smartphones. In sum, the Apple iPhone 12 passed Allstate’s crash tests as the best smartphone they have evaluated to date, while the iPhone 12 Pro is at the bottom of the ranking with other iPhones of past generations.

The reason behind so much disparity in the resistance of these iPhones would lie in their weight. Both are protected by the new Ceramic Shield glass, but the weight of the iPhone 12 Pro seems to be such that it critically affects the durability of its protective glass. A real shame.


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