The invisible thread, an unmissable film, came to Netflix

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The Paul Thomas Anderson film had six Oscar nominations. And it was Daniel Day-Lewis’s last film.

The invisible thread is the last film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who dazzled the world of cinema with the premiere of Pleasure games in 1997 and since then he became one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in the United States. His Nearly Impossible Love Story is now available on Netflix.

The film follows Reynolds Woodcock, a 1950s London haute couture designer. His professional success differs from his personal emptiness. Daniel Lay-Lewis is in charge of giving life to a cold man whose life revolves around work.

Woodcock feels incapable of loving, because for the only woman that he felt absolute admiration, he is dead. It was his mother who taught him the trade that took him to the top of the world of fashion.

The only constant relationship he has with a woman is with his sister Cyril, played by Lesley Manville, who was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role. She is his partner. There is a synchrony between the two. Each knows what the other likes and what not.

However, everything changes when Alma, played by Vicky Krieps, appears. Woodcock is captivated by her, who works as a wench. He invites her to dinner and shows her his world. On their first date, the designer tells him that almost anything can be sewn into a garment lining. The one he was wearing at the time hid a lock of his mom’s hair.

The couturier realizes that he does not want to have a conventional relationship with Alma. He considers her his muse and lover, but she, who falls in love with him, begins the arduous task of trying to win him over.

The connection between the two was unlikely. They are two characters from different worlds. A fashion genius and a waitress. In fact their paths crossed by chance. Woodcock is a man with a meticulous routine and did not frequent the place where she worked.

He is an egocentric who knows how good he is at his job and does not hesitate to take advantage of it to do what he wants. She has a submissive role. The relationship has toxic elements, which makes it impossible for the viewer to think that they can continue together. With the whimsical personality of the protagonist, it is easy to imagine that he will soon look for another muse, no matter how many attempts she makes not to be one more of the bunch.

Reynolds Woodcock was Daniel Day-Lewis’s last film character, who said goodbye in a big way. The story garnered six Oscar nominations, for best film, best director, best actor, best supporting actress, best costumes and best soundtrack. The only statuette he took was the one with the clothing.

In this story, Anderson addresses some of the themes that are present in most of his works such as the control that someone tries to impose on another and the ways to seek affective connections.

In addition, from this fiction, other of the director’s creations are available on Netflix. Is about Anima, a 15 minute short film for Radiohead fans. The leader of the band, Tom Yorke, is the protagonist of this video without dialogue.



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