The intimate joy of the family of Leandro Bolmaro, the Argentine chosen in the NBA draft

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How the parents and sister of the Cordoba lived the election in the draft and the transfer from New York Knicks to Minnesota Timberwolves.

It is almost two thirty in the morning of this unforgettable Thursday, but the lights are well on in the house of Leandro Bolmaro’s family. Light up the bulbs that will turn off shortly after the talk with Clarion, but those smiles that shine and that do not intend to fade in the short term could easily do so. They are those of Osvaldo and Adriana -Leandro’s parents- and Camila -his older sister-, who enjoy the arrival of the kid to the NBA following the post-election trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves from the New York Knicks in the 2020 NBA draft.

They just came in from a caravan in the center of Las Varillas in which hundreds of people, in dozens of cars and respecting social distance, came out to honk, wave balloons and flags and greet them for the joy that the new basketball credit of the town, Fabricio Oberto also hails from, is chosen by a franchise of the best league in the world.

“A lot of people came, we went out, they all got very excited and gave us a lot of love. It is very nice what we have experienced”, recognizes mother Adriana, still moved by the accompaniment of the Varillenses neighbors before Denis’s proposal and Juampi, two of Leandro’s great friends and former teammates in local basketball, before admitting: “Tonight the three of us cry.” Papa Osvaldo adds: “There was crying, screaming, everything. But the one who is most excited is the sister.”

Camila, number 1 fan and lifelong idol of OnionThe blue jersey of the National Team is not removed. He will not bear those brief words of his viejo and it will shed a few more tears. “There he is, there he is crying …”, Don Bolmaro is almost amused. “Yes. I’m very excited”, the girl manages to say, who with the minutes will rebuild herself and end up showing her happiness in the form of smiles.

The anxiety was mutating during the previous days. “Sometimes we were walking on walls; at other times we were calmer, ”says Osvaldo. This afternoon I had to do a Zoom with the rest of the family and that sedated me, I almost fell asleep. Then came the adrenaline. “

Despite following him logically on television and having the cell phone well at hand in the face of the possible advance of American journalists who usually play a race to sing the elections before they happen, the Bolmaros found out minutes before thanks to a little message from Laia, Leandro’s girlfriend.

“After a while, Adrian Wojnarowski posted it on Twitter and well, that’s when disaster broke out”the dad laughs.

Then came the official announcement of Adam Silver, the one already burned “With the 23rd pick, the New York Knicks select Leandro Bolmaro” and the occasion statement of the boy that the family almost did not hear amid all the fuss, hug and crying.

It was the moment of explosion, but also of relief. “I got a little nervous because I saw him, I saw his little face when the numbers went by and they didn’t choose him and I realized that he was also nervous “, Adriana assures with those sixth senses of a mother that are out of the question. It is that they accompanied him through a Zoom that was also joined by family, friends, former colleagues and affections like Pepe Sánchez, almost an uncle for Leandro.

Then the feelings even improved when it was announced that Leandro would be traded to Minnesota. “When they said that, I thought ‘better’, what do you want me to tell you -reveals Osvaldo-. I wasn’t particularly convinced by the Knicks. I didn’t say anything because it was all celebration, but when I saw the transfer I said ‘spectacular’. It all happened in a matter of minutes. “

“I don’t remember him saying punctually at an exact moment that he wanted to go to the NBA, but when he sets a goal he does everything to achieve it”, Camila relates. His mother certifies: “I don’t know if he was saying it with the meaning it really has because he was very small, but many times he said he was going to arrive.

Osvaldo intervenes with a special anecdote from those times in which the kidEnthusiastic, he wanted to shoot at every moment and in every place. “In here the mother had to get the ball out of her because she could break anything, so we went to the train station with a ring that we hung up and down “, the story begins.

And I wanted to teach him fundamentals, but he just wanted to shoot, “recalls Dad, who at the time had a little basketball school and because he saw firsthand the frustration of many children, he would not let him attend his.” And I remember that because of To insist, once he answered me: ‘What do you want, Ginobili?’

In time, however, Leandro took the need to train seriously. “La Pepa Arrigoni summoned him to a selected team and he came back convinced that he had to do something. ‘This is not how I’m going to get there, I don’t have their training level,’ he said,” as Bolmaro Sr. recalls.

Still, he had his track record. “That he has done a career with hurdles was essential for his coordination. Athletics allowed us to acquire that coordination in the movements that for tall and skinny boys like us is not so common. I was terrified of hurdles, but he jumped them like if I were walking “, Camila explains, today about to be graduated as an accountant and at the time a very prominent youth athlete.

“It has natural conditions, but also a lot of courage and commitment – the 26-year-old defines it -. Without that, you won’t get there. Capable will give you for the National League, but if you don’t take things seriously, you won’t last long. “.



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