Loved football and computers Acute Carlo died of leukemia at the age of only 15 in 2006. A young man called the patron saint of the Internet was already declared “blissful” on Saturday, a precursor to the proclamation of a saint.

– Carlo used the internet to spread the word of God, to reach as many people as possible, said the cardinal Agostino Vallini at a ceremony on Saturday in Assisi.

“Young people may be tired of the activities of traditional priests, which may be a bit outdated, despite our efforts to stay modern,” the cardinal continued, according to news agency AFP.

– But God shows us the right paths and leads us to use them, said the cardinal, referring to the Internet.

Also did charity work

Carlo Acutis was born in London in 1991 to an Italian family. They soon moved to Milan, where Acutis spent most of his life.

Acutis learned to program as a little boy.

– He was considered a computer genius. But she didn’t use computers to have fun, says her mother Antonia Salzano To the Vatican News.

Instead, Acutis maintained the websites of Catholic organizations and set up a few of them himself.

The teenage boy was also involved in charity work and used his own money to help vulnerable people in his own neighborhood.

– He bought sleeping bags for people living on the streets and helped in the soup kitchen in the evenings, says the mother.