The Independiente arch has two candidates: Marcos Díaz and Sebastián Sosa

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After the departure of Martín Campaña, Lucas Pusineri hopes that the leadership will be defined by one of the two alternatives to the position.

Without much wallet, but with the will to fulfill Lucas Pusineri’s orders, Independiente launched itself on the market to be able to rearm the team, which in various positions was headless for the departure of renowned footballers after the crisis during the quarantine.

The leadership has several negotiations underway, some very advanced and others more blocked, and while waiting to close the defenders Ezequiel Muñoz (free from Lanús), Nicolas Demartini (Temperley) and Lucas Rodriguez (free from Tigre), and to the Uruguayan extreme Federico Martinez (Rosario Central), this week will be key for the priority position for DT: the archer.

The first options were far away and unattainable, so everything seems to have been reduced to two candidates for the red gloves that he left free Martin Campaign (He declared himself debt free and is in conflict with the leadership). Between Marcos Díaz and Sebastián Sosa the next Independiente goalkeeper would come out.

Pusineri had made it very clear to the Board of Directors a few weeks ago. You need assured experience under the three suits of the Diablo to start ordering the team from back to front. On the campus it has Milton Alvarez and Renzo Bacchia, but they come without filming.

Half put his eyes on Alvaro Montero, from Deportes Tolima, as the first option. The managers tried to make an economic effort, knowing that the premise of President Hugo Moyano is reduce soccer budget. Anyway, they offered $ 1,700,000 for 80 percent of the Colombian. It was rejected. And the negotiations are they cooled, since Tolima does not want to sell in percentages.

Agustin Rossi appeared as the other alternative. However, Boca asked Fabricio Bustos in return, in the Diablo tried to include also Ivan Marcone and nothing prospered.

Many names were offered. A Peruvian man Pedro Gallese was one of them. He was probed, but it was impossible to get him out of Orlando City. Then, the technician threw on the table the name of Sebastián Sosa, emerged in Peñarol and with steps through Vélez, Boca and Rosario Central. Sosa, 34, is in Mazatlán de México.

For its part, the leadership approached the name of Marcos Díaz (34), without a club after his stay in Boca. Pusineri is more seduced by the figure of Sosa, with whom he has already had contact. However, the Montevidean started the last two games with good performance and coach Francisco Palencia warned that he will take it into account. This complicates his exit and gives Diaz an advantage, who has already agreed to its contract with the entity of Avellaneda.

What is missing then? Make the final decision. The uncertainty about the start of the local tournament could mean that there is no rush to define, although the Red He knows that in October, yes or yes, he will play the Copa Sudamericana again.

Marcos Díaz, meanwhile, waits but also evaluates other proposals. He was tempted from Talleres de Córdoba and received polls from Spain. And if Independiente does not confirm this week, he will try to ensure his future.

Very little by little, Independiente wants to add reinforcements to cover the gaps that the crisis left.



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