The incredible story of Tomas Crow: the Rosario who works with Zak Starkey and Noel Gallagher, and spent Christmas with a beatle

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At 19 he traveled to London, and at 25 he already earned a place in the world of music. Just released F.O.M.O., preview of his second solo album.

Tomas Crow She was born in Rosario in 1995, and with her just 19 years of age, she decided it was time to try her luck in London. It was only there that, one afternoon when he was surrounded by crows while working in a city park, he decided that his new name would be adopted to replace the original Tomás Gagliardo. And also “luck” would cross him with Zak Starkey and his dad Ringo, and with him bad boy Noel Gallagher. Although, deep down, not everything was a matter of chance.

“Did you see that, when you are a teenager, there is like an unconsciousness and you send yourself to do certain things. Well, I was and, now perhaps with a little more awareness, I am a person who commands me. I say: ‘This is what I want to do, and we are going to do it. Whatever, but we’re going to do it. ‘ It’s all like a game. Like the younger you are, the more invincible you feel. And me, at 19 he was He-Man“He says from his British home, which is also his” home studio. “

There is Tomas, the composer, the producer, the sound engineer, surrounded by consoles, keyboards, guitars, basses … “It’s what I have here to work on. It’s like my desk. The office. I’m lucky to have one. separate room, which is where I sleep. London is very difficult to find a separate place, to work, because the income is very high, “he describes. And once again he puts” luck “in the middle.

Rosario’s base of operations is in Stratford, in the eastern part of the city, just over half an hour by car from Piccadilly Circus and then from Victoria Park. Not bad, for someone who had his teenage unconsciousness as a starting point and who today dribbles the pandemic much better than other local colleagues, at the same time that he rounds out what will be his second solo album, Supersuperficial, whose first advance, F.O.M.O., came out on September 23 last.

“I am lucky (Editor’s note: one more and they go …) incredible, because I do not live from living. It’s what I do the least. And people continue to produce, they are creating in their homes, and during the quarantine I was lucky (put it) to be working in different studios. I was even able to spend part of the contagion peak working and living in a studio. I had a mini cabin, a little kitchen, and I stayed there 24 x 7. To take care of the people who were in the studio and, in addition, continue to earn a living, “he summarizes. And he insists that fortune helped him a lot.

The truth is that one can be He-Man and have the goddess fortune in favor, but it is hard to believe that with that only enough to take a plane with the idea of ​​earning a place working in the area of ​​sound in one of the cradles of the pop and rock and emerge victorious. And Tomas is in charge of confirming it.

“It’s a very crazy thing, but I breathe music. At that time all I did was think about music, and I still do. I wasn’t going to play soccer, I never hung out with friends, I never went out to the bowling alleys, I never did anything. I live and feel music. Music generates direct emotions for me; through it I can communicate and it is my way of speaking. And what most translated into what I felt was British music. Since always, “he explains.

There is no cabbage at the birth of this story. What there is is a house with a spectacular musical culture: an “old” trumpeter and an “old” guitarist, plus a disco with Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Radiohead and a lot Queen. “At 13 I had a costume party for my birthday and I dressed up as Brian May,” he confesses. “The souvenir was a Greatest Hits by Queen. None of my friends heard it, but the parents did, “he completes.

The next step was to connect with electronics, play and, meanwhile, imagine a future on the other side of the pond. “You don’t leave without a plan,” her dad warned her, and enrolled in a music and sound engineering course. “But – he clarifies – my objective was to get into the music market in England, with my material and productions for others. My idea was to make a living from that, and my goal was to learn”.

Except that in addition to training while “tanning” with productions for “quite indie” artists, Gagliardo / Crow met Max Heyes, producer who among others worked with Massive Attack, Jamiroquai and Primal Scream, his head plopped and he promised himself he was going to “do something with that guy.”

“He didn’t give me a ball, it was very difficult, but I knew that was the way to go. I was making my first album, Detoxify, which I finished when I was 21, and showed it to him. He told me that for my age I was “fine”. He never gave me a compliment, because it’s like he wants to push you to do your best, “he recalls.

Guided by his obsession, Tomas asked for a job at the same college where he had finished studying. He says: “My idea was to stay in that place all day, to be close to Max and chat a little bit. It was to insist, insist, insist … And the guy: ‘I got out of here’. I told him: ‘You are going to mix an album for me, one day’. Y he answered me with a ‘fuck off’. But I was there cleaning bathrooms to be close to him. “

Finally, the strategy had its prize. Heyes called him to work with him, the contacts multiplied, the learning was strengthened and between the two they were cultivating something quite similar to friendship. That was precisely what they were doing when Max gave him a job.

“I wasn’t going to play soccer, I never got together with friends, I never went to the bowling alleys, I never did anything. I live and feel music. Music generates direct emotions in me; Way of speaking.”

“Listen to me, I need you to go edit some drums for this guy, a certain Zak. He’s going to pick you up at Twyford station,” he says he said. And Tomas follows the story in the first person. “I traveled about an hour and a half, and the ‘crazy’ looked for me. I was looking at him. ‘You have a face very similar to someone I know’. thought. The guy, he laughs, very rocker in every way. Then he told me that he had just arrived from a tour. ‘Ah, With what band? ‘, asked. ‘The Who’, answered me. And I stayed … “

The Rosario explains that part of his job is to keep calm and flow so that the artist feels his best. This implies not creating any uncomfortable situation or expressing any kind of fanaticism. “It’s a very psychological question,” he says, and continues: “We keep walking, through the middle of the field, and already in the studio, the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen in my life, I see an image of him with Ringo Starr. And I tell him: ‘Ah, you know Ringo’. ‘Is my dad’, he told me. And me…”


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