You know him from the role of Hulk, but also from movies like Foxcatcher, The Kids Are All Right, Spotlight and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He has a successful career, which he started, but with difficulty, getting the first small role in 1989, after no less than … 800 auditions to which he was without getting any answer. Basically, that’s the definition of perseverance, isn’t it? And all the while, Mark made a living working as a bartender. Five years later, however, when things finally began to settle down professionally for him, his best friend died. A drama that made him value life even more.

In 2000, he married actress Sunrise Coigney, who inspired him to persevere, following his dream even when things seemed hopeless. “She constantly believed in me and encouraged me non-stop. I don’t know if I would have succeeded without her,” the actor confessed. Shortly after he got married, however, Mark had the strangest dream: he pretended to have a life-threatening brain tumor. And although it seems incredible, the dream turned out to be a premonition. Because, shaken by what he had dreamed, Mark went to the doctor for investigations and discovered that everything was true. He had a brain tumor.