The incredible group of stars that met in the greeting to Diego Maradona on Instagram

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From José Mourinho to Gabriela Sabatini and Juan Martín Del Potro, through Ronaldo and Batistuta, they appear in a preview on the Instagram page of 10.

October 30, 1960, Hospital Evita de Lanús. That day and in that place a giant piece of Argentine soccer history was born. Sixty years later, Diego Armando Maradona is preparing to celebrate a more than special birthday, full of tributes, and coinciding neither more nor less with the return of the Professional League Cup. Within hours of the celebration, Diego anticipated one of the many surprises to celebrate his day. What is it about?

“I suspect that something WONDERFUL is going to happen tomorrow …”, he wrote on the 10th on his Instagram account. And in a video you can see a preview of what Diego considers “wonderful”: stars from the world of sports, from different countries and disciplines, appear looking at the camera. Surely, with pampering and congratulations on the birthday.

And there are Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, José Mourinho, Papu Gómez, Gabriela Sabatini, Carlos Valderrama, Falcao, Diego Schwartzman, Bernd Schuster, Ubaldo Fillol, Daniel Bertoni, Gabriel Batistuta, Cristian Vieri, Sergio Batista, Héctor Enrique, Juan Martín Del Potro, Sergio Goycochea, Matías Almeyda, Ricardo Bochini, Norberto Alonso, Martín Palermo and Hugo Conte, among others. And of course, also the entire gymnastics team.

In the last hours some distinctions were known that the 10 is going to receive for its 60 years. The house where he grew up was declared as Cultural Heritage and also, in his honor, La Paternal as “The world capital of soccer”. Also, during this Friday, there will be a great tribute on July 9. And everything will end with the meeting between Gymnastics and Board of Trustees.

Thus, Diego does well to suspect that something wonderful is going to happen.


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