The image of the US in the world collapses due to the management of the coronavirus pandemic

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Only 15% of global respondents believe the country has done a good job during the crisis, according to the latest Pew Research Center survey of 13 nations.

Donald Trump likes to boast that, since he is president, the United States he is respected more in the world. The wild laughter with which world leaders responded to his exaggerations before the United Nations general assembly a couple of years ago is not the only indicator that his claims do not hold up. At record lows since he arrived in the White House, the latest Pew Research Center survey indicates that the management of the coronavirus pandemic has sunk a little more the image of the United States in the eyes of the developed world.

Only 15% of respondentss believes that the US has done a good job during the coronavirus crisis, as they give the World Health Organization a majority thumbs up. In Germany, where 88% support their country’s response to the virus, only 9% of those surveyed believe that the US has done a good job, something that in Spain 20% think.

The downward trend in the international image of the country in the last four years has worsened. In the UK only 41% of respondents said they currently have a positive opinion of the US and only 17% of Trump. In France, only 31% of those surveyed view the North American country favorably, 26% in the case of Germany, the lowest levels since both countries clashed with Washington over the Iraq war. The French and the Germans also give a low score to the president, only 11% and 10% respectively trust him.

In Spain, opinion on, on the one hand, the country and, on the other, its president is more separated, although also in negative territory: 40% of those surveyed today have a favorable opinion of the United States and 16% of Trump. Her approval is highly localized among Vox voters. While 45% of the supporters of this formation have confidence in him, only 7% of those who do not support it support the North American leader, a difference of 35 points. The percentage of support for Trump among Vox voters is the highest of all populist far-right parties compared to the Pew Research Center.

Of the thirteen countries investigated by the prestigious think tank, which began to measure the international image of the United States two decades ago, only in South Korea have a majority favorable opinion of the country (59%), although only 17% trusts its president and only 6% believe that it has responded well to the coronavirus. ANDThe developed country where Trump is currently best viewed is Japan, where 25% declare they trust him.

Accustomed to speaking only at friendly rallies or forums, Trump had to face harsh interrogation the night before last by undecided voters in Pennsylvania, a state where in 2016 he won by less than 1% of the vote. With more than 196,000 deaths from Covid-19 and 6.6 million confirmed infections, Trump reaffirmed his management of the pandemic. “Could I have done more to stop it?” asked George Stephanopoulos, moderator of the talk, organized by ABC. “I don’t think so,” replied Trump, who blamed China for the crisis for not containing the virus.

“Why did you downplay the Covid?” Asked a young black woman. “I did not minimize it”, he responded even though it is what he admitted to journalist Bob Woodward that he had done. “In terms of action, I maximized it,” he defended. The president trusted the end of the pandemic either to an imminent vaccine or to the development of a “herd mentality”, as he erroneously referred to herd immunity, a strategy that could leave more than two million dead in the country but that some of their health advisers defend.

Asked by a voter about his scant use of the mask or his refusal to a national mandate to order its use, Trump accused Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, of not fulfilling his promise to make it mandatory. Stephanopoulos reminded him that it is not exactly in his hand. “People don’t want to wear masks. Many people believe that they are not a good idea ”, insisted the president. Who? They asked him. “The waiters,” he replied.

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