The image of a mother and her daughter piloting a plane together that has gone viral

Suzy Garret and her daughter they have gone viral a year after posting a photo on social media where they appeared riding together.

It is a family that dedicates its entire life to aviation: Doug Garret, the father of the family, is a pilot in America Airlines and his son Mark is training by taking hours of flight to finish his studies.

“None of our children had ever thought of becoming a pilot, but when you start looking for other careers, sitting in an office, and then you see how happy we are, their eyes were opened, “Suzy explained in an interview on the blog of SkyWest Airlines.

“I had to travel a lot growing up. I was exposed to the world, what it was a great inspiration, and experiencing my parents’ lifestyle was wonderful, “said Donna, their daughter.

Suzy has confessed that, after 30 years of profession, she does not find a better job than hers, but the beginnings were not easy. “At first, I used to hide. The climate has changed and the reaction of the passengers has changed. Today I feel that I can be a role model for young women and show them that it is possible. The doors are open and they can be anything “, has declared.

Donna believes that it is important to make her story visible, so that more women feel motivated to dedicate themselves to it. “Seeing the world change is great. It’s great to see that every time more women enter the aviation industry“he encouraged.

Image of mother and daughter piloting.



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