The Hungarians fought hard, but were left without a podium at the Hungaroring

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The third race of the Touring Car World Cup ended with the Super Racing Festival at the Hungaroring, which was finally held behind closed doors due to the coronavirus epidemic, with the limited presence of the media. The truck closed Norbert Kiss with a colossal performance in the European Championship, winning three races out of four, so the Hungarian rider of the Révész Truck Racing Team cuts him as the list leader for the season finale.

There were indeed more chances in the WTCR for a Hungarian podium, but the Hungarian races were not as easy for the Sunday races as the time trial, which was promising, with Attila Tassi’s second place and Bence Boldizs’s inverted first start. .

Guerrieri above the field, Tassi is the best Hungarian

Already in the first race there was a view of a podium with a Hungarian connection, after the new certificate of Zengő Motorsport, Mikel Azcona could wait for the red lights to go out from the second place. However, the Spaniard got stuck at the start, causing him to fall all the way back to eighth place. Thus, behind the pole position Esteban Guerrieri, the order of Yann Ehrlacher, Yvan Muller, Attila Tassi was formed.

In addition to the Hungarian honde and the two Lynk & Cos, Santiago Urrutia and Muller, Néstor Girolami went, and the Argentine climbed to third place. Azcona, meanwhile, tried to save the salvageable, able to put Jean-Karl Vernay’s Alfa Romeo behind him at the cost of a more serious cock, and then, not attacking Urrutia.

Guerrieri, however, was able to withstand Ehrlacher’s pressure, retaining his position to achieve his second WTCR victory in 2020, and the podium was supplemented by Girolami. Attila Tassi finished fifth in a sandwich with Muller and Azcona, having a tough battle with the latter. Behind the Münnich Motorsport Civic, Urrutia, Vernay, Luca Engstler, who finished as the best Hyundai, and Thed Björk, completed their top ten rankings.

Guerrieri, like the timer, proved unstoppable in the first race.

However, Norbert Michelisz was still accompanied by bad luck: although he won five positions after the start, he had to stand out after a few laps after the previous day’s engine problem failed to be remedied at Hyundai. Last year’s champion was able to return to the field later, with the fastest lap after consolation. Among the Hungarian newcomers to Zengő Motorsport, Bence Boldizs scored one point in 16th place, Gábor Kismarty-Lechner in 19th place.

Hungarian pole, then Michelisz magic

After a half-sleepless night, playing 500 scenarios, Bence Boldizs got into the pole in his head – and as he had predicted, version 501 finally prevailed. For the first time since the Slovak weekend of 2018, Zengő Motorsport was in a similar situation, except that Norbert Nagy had considerably more experience at that time. Boldizs’s wheels spun off after the start, taking advantage of this, the French trio pulled past him with Ehrlacher, Muller and Vernay.

The Hungarians fought hard, but were left without a podium at the Hungaroringen 4

Resonant car in the pole – for the first time since 2018.

Behind the lead trio, several clashed in corner 2 after Girolami “kissed” Azcona’s Cupra from behind – both of which marked the end of their race, with Argentina traveling to the next venue with a five-place start penalty. And in the second half of the field, Tom Coronel toiled and filmed Gabriele Tarquini at bend 8.

Coronel later clung to Engstler in a similar way, but the young German was more unlucky than his brandmate, crashing ugly against the wall with the Hyundai. The wearer’s i30’s technical rescue also put the safety car on the track, but that didn’t stop Lynk & Co’s double success either – Ehrlacher responded with a victory to Guerrieri’s success.

Behind the podium, Nathanaël Berthon’s five-second penalty stirred the order. As a result, Norbert Michelisz was ranked fifth behind Urrutia, wading through 15th from the 15th position and Bence Boldizs with his best WTCR result to date in sixth place. Attila Tassi excelled in his team play this time, but he also finished eighth in front of Guerrieri, ahead of his teammate Tiago Monteiro and audi Gilles Magnus.

The Hungarians fought hard, but were left without a podium at the Hungaroringen 5

Norbert Michelisz fought hard in the second race.

Despite Honda’s superiority, the last chance was gone

Attila Tassi’s second starting position was a serious chance for the coveted Hungarian podium, but the Hungarian spoiled the start, giving his teammates Monteiro and Girolami the same, while Guerrieri retained the first place – until the fall, as the order behind him did not change. , that is, the weekend ended with three Honda successes, while list leader Ehrlacher tended to drive to the safe points, which meant eighth place for him.

Vernay and then Azcona also overtook Tassi in the first few laps, then the French and Spanish clashed again, as in the first race. However, Azcona drove the alpha around with a huge maneuver, his fourth place finish was the best result of Zengő Motorsport over the weekend. Tassi was finally flagged sixth, followed by Gabriele Tarquini, Ehrlacher and Muller, who raced in great shape and hunted down Lynk & Cos in a row.

The Hungarians fought hard, but were left without a podium at the Hungaroringen 6

The triple success gilded Honda Day.

After five overtakes, closing in 10th place, Michelisz was enriched with another valuable point, though Urrutia was not an easy wall at all, but the Uruguayan rookie’s aggression became a loser in the end, with a punctured wheel aside in her hair.

Their sharpening is the Ehrlacher-Guerrier fight for the championship

With two race weekends and six races ahead of the end of this season, Yann Ehrlacher continues to lead the composite, while the 169-point French advantage has shrunk to 22 points over Esteban Guerriere, followed by Yvan Muller at 55 points behind.

The Hungarians fought hard, but were left without a podium at the Hungaroringen 7

Mikel Azcona is among the cars of Hungarian interest, the Spaniard is in 9th place with 79 units. Attila Tassi expects to continue from the 11th place with 77 points, Norbert Michelisz with the 58th place from the 14th place, while Bence Boldizs holds the 18th position with 25 points and Gábor Kismarty-Lechner with the 20th place. In two weeks, the 2020 (European) season will continue in Aragon.

Source:, Lead

Image source (s): DPPI / FIA WTCR Media



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