The Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder

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Attila Tassi proved to be the best Hungarian and honda in the time trial on Saturday, while Norbert Michelisz was only 12th in the WTCR Belgian overture as the fastest Hyundai. The Hungarian rider of Münnich Motorsport started from the fourth place thanks to the inverted starting grid, and then finished third thanks to his good start, with which he won his first podium in the World Cup.

“I didn’t expect to start the year right on the podium,” Tassi said after the knockout. “Thed made it a word that I was blinking a little to chase into a mistake, but we discussed that. They are much more experienced than me! It was a good battle, sometimes I was quite close to it, but not enough. At the same time, we had problems with braking performance, especially when I got closer to the one in front of me, so I had to take it back a bit. ”

Tassi started the WTCR season with a podium.

The race was won by Hungarian teammate Néstor Girolami from Argentina, followed by 2017 world champion Thed Björk (Lynk & Co). Honda’s joy, despite the double podium, couldn’t be cloudless either, as last year’s silver medalist Esteban Guerrieri and Tiago Monteiro also smoked the engine – the German team miraculously replaced the two engines for two and a half hours before the second race, which in turn Argentine and Portuguese were exiled to the end of the grid.

Michelisz was 11th ahead of Norbert Hyundai, while Zengő Motorsport’s riders Mikel Azcona finished in 16th place, while the team’s rookies Bence Boldizs and Gábor Kismarty-Lechner finished 17th and 19th. finish.

Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder 2

The collision with Björk put the stamp on Tassi’s second race.

Tassi could expect the start from the top ten in the second race as well, but he already collided with Björk and a rubber ball in the first lap, causing him to fall back to the end of the field, while the Swede was eliminated due to Lynk & Co remaining on the track.

In the sequel, Honde tried to catch up hard, but got stuck, knocking out Vuković Motorsport rookie 18-year-old Jack Young in the final laps, which resulted in Renault finishing in the gravel bed. So even though Tassi scored a point, he was penalized, so he was only ranked 19th.

Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder 3

Néstor Girolami and Yann Ehrlacher are the first round winners.

Meanwhile, events were also at the forefront, with pole-position Nathanaël Berthon zeroing in on her chances of winning from the start, who was even waved for a boxing drive penalty for jumping out at the start. With the separation of audis, Yann Ehrlacher took the lead, which he had retained until the end, winning ahead of his uncle, four-time world champion Yvan Muller and rookie teammate Santiago Urrutia, making Lynk & Co a triple success.

Defending champion Norbert Michelisz was this time the eighth in front of his teammates Nick Catsburg and Luca Engstler for the Zengő Motorsport trio, Azcona 11th, Boldizs 17th and Kismarty-Lechner 18th – with the free cards out of the picture, Boldizs, who became acquainted with the TCR car, won his first World Cup point.

Clearly at a disadvantage is Hyundai, which the brand’s motorsport boss, Andrea Adamo, spoke about before the races. THE TouringCarTimesadmitted he left Zolder on Saturday night to relieve stress by cycling, signaling that Hyundai will be threatened with disembarkation until organizers change the performance ballast or unified control.

Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder 4

They rumble at Hyundai because of the situation, Michelisz also just dropped a few points.

After the first round, Ehrlacher leads the table with 43 points, followed by 36-point Girolami and 31-point Muller. Among the Hungarians, Tassi is 9th, Michelisz is 11th and Boldizs is 17th in the championship. Next time in two weeks, the field will roll onto the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

While the WTCR season began, the TCR European Cup continued, in which there is indeed a Hungarian interest through Daniel the Great. The BRC driver qualified sixth with Hyundai, from which he finished fourth in Saturday’s first race, and was able to rise to the bottom rung of the podium in the inverted grid second – also improving two positions.

Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder 5

Daniel the Great also took the podium in Zolder.

The 22-year-old Nagy thus took his first podium of the season, succeeding in the dew, compensating for his weekend with 11th and 10th place, Paul Ricard, already fifth in the composite. His teammate Mat’o Homola also finished 3rd and 8th, respectively, with the Slovak waiting to continue from seventh.

“I’m really excited to be back in the fight for the championship title. This weekend was very tough for all Hyundai, as the Honda and Audi were faster than us. Nice, but all the more unexpected since we ended up on the podium. I did well and then I was lucky that two cars collided in front of me, ”said Dániel Nagy.

“Afterwards, I tried to just pay attention to myself, but Mike Halder put extra pressure on me, he was better than me in straight and braking distances. Honestly, I took a lot of risks, a huge thank you to the BRC Racing Team. Looks like we’re moving in the right direction. The team between the two Hyundai teams is great and I’m really glad we were faster than the Target Competition this weekend. ”

Hungarian touring cars closed with two podiums in Zolder 6

Michelle Halder is the first female winner of the TCR European Cup.

The first race in the European Cup was won by Nicolas Baert, who competed at home, and the series was the first inaugural female winner in the person of Michelle Halder on Sunday. The tournament is led by Danie Lloyd – who finished the weekend with a fourth and a second position – and the next round, like the WTCR, will take place in two weeks, hosted by the Monza track.

Source: FIA WTCR Media, MTI,

Image source (s): DPPI / FIA WTCR Media, TCR Europe Media



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