The fast-paced and multi-generational story of Sunrise Avenue’s lead character, Samu Haber, 44, is packaged in one cover.

Although the man is not yet close to retirement age, publishing his biography at this point, after the band’s decision to quit, was quite a natural decision.

– It was a good point to look at what has been all about, digesting this whole trip, Haber says.

Admittedly, the 500-page opus was not born. Haber worked on it Tuomas Nyholmin with three years.

– I had already started writing my story myself. However, it seemed hypocritical to start interviewing others about my own life. I’m not a good enough writer anyway.

– I had read a biography written by Tuomas Jarkko Ruudusta. Jarkko happens to be our bassist’s cousin, so I asked a little about what it had been like to work with Tuomas. I got great recommendations and when we met Tuomas, the energies rushed right away.

Man, Haber

A bi-progressive biography with funny throws was born, which, when read, also makes you laugh.

– Thomas used a lot of my own language. When I read the text, I feel like I’m talking, Haber sums up.

The duo had little thought in advance about what kind of image of Haber would be conveyed through the book. The braces are banging and the big bike is spinning, especially at the point when young Samu leaves for Spain after the army to do a holiday stock trade:

I was drunk on my own abilities. I had never experienced anything like it before. As you walked to the company’s accountant with an oven-fresh deal in hand and hit the counter with a new note again, the feeling was shocking. And even when you knew that in the morning Marcello would pop in the door, shout Samuuuu! handing out 20,000 banknotes to a glove.

On the other hand, when everything goes wrong and Haberk is accused of a financial crime, the man reveals his insecurities, even his real fear:

I was constantly afraid that it would be my turn. At the moment, I am someone rushing through the front door, and hopefully this is the police and not another option. The stakes were so high that even my mother got intimidation calls to Finland.

Panic attacks and collapses are also reported:

I got panic attacks. I hyperventilated. At times my eyes darkened without any warning – suddenly everything was black. Sirens sound in the ears. I thought I had a seizure or had a seizure. This could happen unexpectedly in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. I felt like I was at a collapse point.

I had returned to Finland between his legs. I had the stamp of the loser on my forehead. It was evident in the reactions every time I met acquaintances. Everyone knew I had been involved in the petting business, and everyone knew about the legal process.

– We did not consciously try to create an image of the human Haber. That’s the way I am now. Yes, everyone outwardly likes to look beautiful and good, but it would be really silly to just talk about platinum records and Voice wins.

– Many places have been awkward, but they have been gone through and grown. It is not embarrassing to admit that I have been in the real lonely, scared, ashamed, or what ever. I admit at many points that I pushed the wall full and made stupid solutions.

Relationship matters

Haber did not ask for permission to tell certain things, but in some of his loved ones he read excerpts from the book.

– Not everyone can be pleasant. I was ultimately the one who made the decisions on the issues that ended up in the book, Haber says.

There are revelations involved. Among other things, Haber tells how a radio presenter was robbed Anssi Honkanen both the woman and the producer. This, in turn, later led to the break-up of the Kaksio duo, formed together by Honkanen and Haber’s girlfriend.

In his book, Haber does not cover his love affairs more broadly than anywhere else. She is not used to seeing women in magazine interviews.

– At first I thought I wasn’t talking about spouses in the book. However, it was starting to feel like a cold option.

– It would have been like showing a middle finger somehow if I hadn’t mentioned love. Now these people are adventuring in the story.

However, Haber still keeps part of this area of ​​his life private.

“I hope that all the loves mentioned will feel valued and that they will be well wished for the future,” Haber thinks about the choices made in the book.

Linguistic television

The book will also be published immediately in German and English.

Especially in Germany, Haber and Sunrise Avenue have enjoyed great popularity, even though the man has already been seen in the Voice of Germanys for four seasons. The fifth season he starred just started spinning on German television.

The book also features interviews with German media, which Haber admits is exciting.

– I cannot have a debate in German. I can throw something in the entertainment flap.

The book shows that Haber was virtually illiterate when he started in Voice, Germany as a star coach:

Behind my chair, on the floor border, was a squat Mimmi who translated me into English all the time, what was once spoken. The squat translator did the chore in the neck.

Fear tightens his grip. The destruction of your reputation, yet somehow I could endure, but suddenly I realize that I am a genuine threat to the Voice of Germany’s production. The work of hundreds of people depends on how I perform. Star coaches are the cornerstone of the program.

– When I first joined the Life Only program, I was just that damn when this is easy! I got to speak Finnish! When Olli Lindholm said something, I could answer, Haber rejoices now.

The future is open

If the corona situation favors in the spring, Sunrise Avenue will finally be able to begin its farewell tour in April, which was postponed by a year. The band is scheduled to take to the benches for the last time at the Olympic Stadium in July.

Haber does not yet have a clear vision of the future. He will continue to make music in some way. At least Haber is helping young artists get started in their careers. Who knows, he himself may be heard as a solo – and even in Finnish.

– I’m not publishing anything right away. At this point, it’s hard to think that I’d start doing something similar to what I’ve been doing for the last twenty years.

– It is wonderful to be at home sometimes and not frost around the world two hundred days a year. Who knows, even if I am excited to study.

Samu Haber – Forever Yours (Ottawa), written by Tuomas Nyholm, was published on 14 September. The sections in italics are from the book.