The Huawei Y9a surprises us with its powerful hardware and its affordable price

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The same day that POCO decides to present his tempter midranger Huawei announces the Huawei Y9a with clear intentions to compete inch by inch. And while the Huawei Y9a can stand on its own thanks to its generous hardware features and affordable price, the recently announced POCO X3 NFC outperforms it in several respects.

So, we may not be in a region where the POCO X3 NFC is available and, therefore, the Huawei Y9a is an excellent replacement. We repeat, the Huawei Y9a has enough technical specifications for the price at which it is offered and it is a great offer from any point of view. It is only comparatively that it loses some of its appeal.

Features of the Huawei Y9a

Something is unique about the Huawei Y9a and it is its full-screen design. In the case of the medium-high and the premium range of smartphones, most manufacturers opt for a selfie camera embedded in one of the corners or the center of their screens. But the Huawei Y9a hides its 16MP behind a retractable mechanism hidden in its upper edge.

Its screen is a 6.63-inch TFT LCD panel with Full HD + image resolution with a 20: 9 aspect ratio, so its full-screen design will take full advantage of these features.

Unfortunately, in this device we do not have refresh rates higher than 60Hz, so we will be left wanting an experience gaming singular.

The Huawei Y9a falls short of many competitors thanks to its powerful quad dorsal camera with 64MP main sensor on a wide-angle lens with f / 1.8 aperture. An ideal lens for night photography. It is accompanied by an ultra wide angle, macro and depth lens respectively paired with 8, 2 and 2MP sensors.

It is its main sensor that offers something different since most of the competitors in that same hardware and price range usually have a 48MP main sensor.

The power of the Huawei Y9a can be attributed to its MediaTek Helio G80 processor, its 6GB of RAM, its 128GB of expandable internal storage capacity and its 4300mAh battery with access to fast charging technology of up to 22.5W of power.

Huawei announces the Huawei Y9a in “Midnight Black”, “Space Silver” and “Sakura Pink” colors. But here’s the curiosity: there is also a Huawei Y9a launched exclusively for the markets of the Middle East, Africa and some countries in Asia that has different characteristics to the smartphone described above.

In that case, the Huawei Y9a has up to 8GB of RAM and a 4200mAh battery capacity but with access to fast charging technology of up to 40W of power. In that case, the Huawei Y9a can be purchased for a price of € 200 (roughly US $ 240). But the price of the global Huawei Y9a was not revealed yet.



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