The historical record in Boca that Miguel Angel Russo missed

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With a win against Libertad, he would have sealed the best start for a coach at the club. The brand was established over 70 years ago and could never be broken.

Miguel Angel Russo was one step away from breaking a record that has been 74 years old. In this 2020, Boca already played 13 games and has not lost yet. Neither in the eight finals of the Superliga, in which he won the title on the last date, nor in the five dates played so far in the Libertadores. But the 10 wins and the 3 draws failed to surpass the best start of a coach in the club’s history. The 11 victories in the first 13 meetings of 1946 remain record.

Mario Fortunato He was the first Boca coach in history. He was a player, a midfielder, with a past in Sportivo Tents, Hurricane and Southern Argentine. In 1925 he joined the Xeneize. He played little, in 1926 he injured his knee and returned in 1929, when he played his last two games.

In 1930 they offered him to accompany the team, which already had a coach, or rather a physical trainer. Their participation had to do with adding someone experimenting to maintain balance in the squad and provide some indication. That year Boca was champion and the next, too. He stayed until 1936, achieving two-time championship in 1934 and 35.

Fortunato returned once in 1942 and once in 1946. In his third stage, set the best start by a coach in club history by taking the first 13 matches: 11 wins, a draw and a loss. Of the 13 games, 12 were for the First Division tournament and one for the British Cup.

After drawing 0-0 in match 13 with PlatenseBoca beat River 2-0 the next game, so that Fortunato team won 12 of the 14 games. Something that Boca de Russo will not be able to match.

It is true that in the two games of the resumption of the Cup on the side of the field he was Leandro Somoza, the aide-de-camp of Miguelito, that since he is a member of a risk group, he has to take care of Covid-19. However, he is Boca’s active coach. This Tuesday he was on the bench for the first time, he remained undefeated and already got into the round of 16.

The situation is different from when Russo was in Millionaires (early 2018): Hugo Gottardi held the position temporarily for two games because the incumbent DT, who had recovered from prostate cancer, had a relapse due to a hospital infection.

The previous stage in Boca de Russo, at the beginning of 2007, also included the Clausura tournament and the Libertadores at the beginning. On that occasion, they won 8, tied 2 and lost 3. As is known, that was the last Cup that Boca won.

Another fact to highlight in this return of Miguelito Boca is that in the previous stage he had not had long undefeated streaks. The best series was seven games, with five wins, two draws and no goals against. It included, of course, the two Libertadores finals with Gremio.

This stage already had a long undefeated streak. For the Mouth they dream that it reaches at least the glory it achieved in the previous cycle.



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