Iltalehti will relentlessly follow the election of the President of the United States during the election campaign, which culminates in long campaigns.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are struggling in the election for a U.S. president. The game also features the dominance of the U.S. Congress, which will be voted on at the same time as the president. Voting turnout is projected to rise to historic highs: a record number of votes have already been cast in advance alone.

At the heart of IL’s election news coverage is intense moment by moment tracking, which starts on Tuesday, November 3, at noon and continues uninterrupted for at least 24 hours. Moment-by-moment monitoring updates in real time, among other things, the progress of the count, the turn of the election day and the comments of the presidential candidates.

Of course, during Tuesday evening and the following night and morning, separate excerpts from the most important twists and turns of election day are also promised.

Polling stations will be closed in the first US states on the night before Wednesday at 1 p.m. Finnish time. At 2 o’clock after that, voices begin to emerge from, among other things, the very exciting Libra state of Florida. The last states will close their polling stations at 4 p.m. Finnish time.

The states will announce their voting numbers as polling stations close and votes are counted. The completion of the result or earnings forecasts depends on the ease with which the calculation of the votes cast, in particular, progresses. In previous years, the name of the new president has been clear about 6-9 p.m. time.

Studio guests and live atmosphere

Alma Media’s US correspondent Hellevi Mauno reports Monday from the Pennsylvania State of Libya. He also commented on the mood on live broadcasts from New York on Monday, November 2 at 4 p.m. and on Wednesday, November 4 at 6:30 p.m..

Wednesday morning at 6 p.m. supplier Janne Palomäki The IL-TV studio hosted by Charly Salonius-Pasternak, a senior researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute, will also be seen live, analyzing the twists and turns of the election night.

The broadcast also promises moods from election day across the United States.

Later on Wednesday, 11 a.m., in a studio interview with the CEO of Nordic West USA Kristiina Helenius. He follows U.S. politics and markets at work and has also met both Trump and Biden in person.

Forecast for Monday night

According to both national and Libra-specific state support surveys, Biden will leave election day as a pre-favorite. However, even Trump’s victory is still possible. Iltalehti publishes Accuscore’s final forecast of the result Monday evening. In the previous forecast, the result in the electorate is 285–253 in favor of Biden.

You can search for your own candidate in advance on Iltalehti’s US election machine.

Iltalehti will also follow the events closely in the event that the counting of votes and the announcement of the winner is delayed or one of the candidates questions the reliability of the result.

Electoral voters vote for the president on 14 December. The President-elect shall take the oath of office on January 20.