The news of the Maradona’s death, more than the sports sector, has shocked the whole world. The Argentine star has been the idol of a generation and the myth about which they told another, and his loss is wreaking havoc on Argentine society, which this Thursday says goodbye to his great figure at a wake at the Casa Rosa.

The news broke last Wednesday, first reporting that Maradona had suffered a “decompensation“, but within a few minutes the most feared news was confirmed, his death. A surprising ‘last hour’ that they had to give live and direct several programs and that left the participants in ‘shock’.

This was the case of the Argentine program 90 minutes, from ESPN, presented by Sebastián Vignolo, and which has the participation of Óscar Ruggeri, Maradona’s teammate in the national team, Carlos Aimar and Daniel Arcucci. Vignolo confirmed the news and did not believe what happened. “The nightmare of the nightmare”, cataloged it.

Also in the América TV program, ‘Informed of everything’, the presenter Guillermo Andino could not hold the tears either live, when he announced that Maradona had died of cardiac arrest.