The commissioner from the Administration of Medicines and Foodstuff of the United States (FDA), Stephen Hahn, offers recognized this Saturday that There exists “great concern” about the reluctance involving part of the population to be vaccinated up against the coronavirus.

The FDA “is incredibly concerned about the reluctance to protect.” “We are also aware that you will discover those who feel that the speed of progress and the regulatory process raise worries about the vaccine,” Hahn claimed at a press conference collected by means of CNN.

The answer to this matter has been transparency on medical foundations of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine and the process for its documentation.

In that sense, has declined that there has been political pressure in order to speed up the emergency authorization for any vaccine, finally issued this Fri. “What the press has said which i was threatened with dismissal when it was not approved before a certain particular date is inaccurate,” he claimed.

Thus, it has reiterated its commitment to the “integrity of the scientific process” and stressed that the FDA not simply looked at the summary of the specialized medical study with 40,000 volunteers, but went to the source data to make certain the vaccine is safe and that they have a 95% effective.

“Our outstanding team has made a heroic work day and night to achieve this (…). You will find thousands of people who die every day,” he recalled. “The advantages of the vaccine far outweigh the potential health risks,” has riveted.

Precisely this kind of Saturday, the US health authorities currently have reported that this Friday 3,309 deaths and 231,775 completely new cases of coronavirus were signed up, which is a historical record since the outbreak began. In total, the United States offers registered 15,851,735 verified cases of coronavirus and a single,597,212 related deaths. with the new disease, according to data through Johns Hopkins University.