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The Minister of Health of the Omsk Region was dismissed after checking the incident on October 27, when desperate ambulance doctors brought two seriously ill patients with COVID-19 directly to the department building.

On the resignation of the official reported today, November 5, the governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov on his Instagram page. He noted that this decision was “weighted, it was made following an analysis of the current state of the regional health care system and following the inspection by Roszdravnadzor.” The head of the region stressed that the main task of the authorities now is to do everything so that such incidents do not recur.

Earlier, Burkov temporarily dismissed from office for the duration of the inspection, Deputy Minister of Health of the Omsk Region Anastasia Malova, who was responsible for providing emergency medical care. The governor called the incident itself “criminal negligence” and said that “the incident that occurred is beyond human understanding.” The regional Ministry of Health itself does not hide an acute shortage of hospital beds. At the moment, the problem is being solved by re-profiling other medical institutions, in particular, in the near future, a covid hospital will be deployed in one of the maternity hospitals in Omsk.

Let us remind you that a spontaneous protest action of ambulance doctors in Omsk happened in the evening of October 27. Two ambulances with strobe lights came to the building of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region. There were elderly patients with COVID-19 in the cars, one of them was diagnosed with lung damage up to 80%. The crews traveled to hospitals from the very morning to hospitalize the sick, but none of them found places. Desperate doctors brought patients directly to the department building.

There is an acute shortage of places in hospitals in other regions as well: on October 27 the independent trade union “Alliance of Doctors” published photo from the Kuibyshev city hospital, where patients with coronavirus are placed right on the stairwells. A critical situation has developed in the Kurgan region, where doctors applied to President Putin with a request to send military doctors to the region, “until the people began to die right in the streets.”

Today, residents of the Irkutsk region have created petition, in which they asked President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko and Minister of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev to deploy a military hospital for patients. The authors of the petition stated that the Irkutsk region is among the top ten regions of the Russian Federation in terms of morbidity, and the problem of the lack of places in hospitals is being solved by re-profiling the regional vascular center and oncologic dispensary.



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