The harsh response of a former Boca leader: “Cascini, Bermúdez and Delgado should be fired”

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Carlos Aguas, former secretary general in the Angelici administration, hit the men of Roman’s Council hard and asked the president of Boca for measures. “They accused us of stealing 85 clubs. They should read the accounting books, although I don’t know if they are qualified, ”he pulled.

War is declared. The crack, deeper than ever. After the strong complaint made by the club’s Football Council about the previous government, the response from the Angelici management was not long in coming. Francisco Quintana was the first to answer the question of Ole. And now, the one who came out to reply to the accusations was Carlos Aguas, former secretary general of Boca. “We were accused of stealing $ 85 million. It is utter nonsense to say that without documentation. LThe Board of Directors should ask them to resign from the Football Council or fire them “, exploded.

Said Jorge “The boss” Bermúdez and the club’s policy broke out: “NThey told you that we were going to receive a club that had sold for 90 million and there were five. We lack the silver of five players. ” That’s why, right away, there was crossfire.

“Beyond the respect I have for them as players, the three of them (Cascini, Bermúdez and Delgado) They spoke sitting in the gymnasium of the Ezeiza property where part of the money that they say is missing is. They are employees of the club, they have a salary, They can’t go out and say that without the backing of the audit or the documentation. They should read the books … Not the school books, but the accounting books. Although I do not know if they are capable of doing it “, Aguas countered in TyC Sports.

“What I do not understand is why a leader does not come out to speak and an employer of the club does. A situation of such caliber has to be said by a manager. Cascini said something very serious: ‘We should have charged …’. When he talks about us, I don’t know if the money is for him or for the club. It is the institution that has to collect in any case, “added the former secretary of the Angelici presidency.

In this sense, Aguas also sought to correct the cash figure that the current management inherited: “When they took office, there were not five million but eight and a half million, because they immediately charged for (Wilmar) Barrios. The money is in the club, everything is registered. Boca is extremely orderly. We lost the election and we were silent, but we cannot admit such atrocity. They should ask them to resign or fire them, it is what we would have done if an employee of the club said such a barbarism“he insisted.

Aguas said that, for now, the previous government is not going to take any action: “I spoke with Angelici and our position is that, if you have doubts, go to court. It is a joke that they tell us that we are left with 85 clubs (sic), but at the same time it is a serious complaint. When the audit is finished, they will end up applauding us standing by for the economic and financial management. It is a lack of respect and a folly that three employees of the club go out to say like this because yes that we keep that money “.



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