The harsh criticism of Alejandro Fantino against the AFA and his decision to break the contract with Fox Sports

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It occurs after the determination, still unofficial, to unilaterally break the contract with Fox Sports, one of the two licensees of the audiovisual rights.

“Dear viewer: if you are the leader of a First Division Argentine soccer club, please take your family and friends away from the television set. Thank you very much”. This is how ESPN FC Show started, the shipment that Alejandro Fantino conducts on Monday nights in one of the signals of the Disney sports network.

The axis of the program’s discussion were the decisions made by the AFA in recent days to unilaterally sever relations with Fox Sports, one of the two licensees of the audiovisual rights of First Division football.

A determination that was made in the shadows, without the endorsement of River, Boca and Estudiantes, and of which there was still no official notification to the company that would terminate a contract that was signed until 2027.

In fact, Disney – the company that absorbed Fox Sports programming after the merger with ESPN – never received a letter document with the intention of the AFA and the LFP. And he warned, as this newspaper was able to find out, that in the event that this information is real, a lawsuit will be initiated to claim for the breach of the contract.

And neither would there be the endorsement of the parent company of the other licensee to make a surpassing offer, as the different maximums of Argentine football slide.

Fantino imposed the hashtag # Son38a38 to graph all the mishaps that have been committed in the headquarters of the ball since that vote that ended with an impossible tie (there were 75 who voted and the result came out 38-38).

“Show the offer, show the email. Clarify. Why hide something that is good for them,” Fantino demanded about the unilateral breaking of the contract of which there was still no notification.

“Argentine football is going backwards”, lamented Oscar Ruggeri, recovered from coronavirus and back present in the weekly dispatch in relation to the comings and goings of the leadership.

“That contract that was signed with Fox Sports and with Turner is in force and has to be fulfilled. Boca and River question this decision. Students too,” added Fernando Niembro.

Fantino also questioned the raffle held last Friday at the Ezeiza site. “They lacked people, they lacked presidents. They were not from River and Boca. They sent a volleyball player,” the driver fired.

And later, he showed images of the curiosities that occurred during the gala, in which the discussion about the marginalization of Huracán del copón continued, where the greats of Argentina were. They also exhibited the clumsiness to show the names of the teams that made up the different groups of the tournament that will begin on October 30.

On the other hand, Fantino told which company will be the winner of the tender to keep the management of VAR in the First Division of Argentine soccer. This is the company Reftel SRL, which partnered with the Belgian technology company Simply Live, to present its specifications and win the contest, with a smaller offer, from Hawk Eye and MediaPro.

Reftel SRT, managed by Ramiro González Palazzo, is an old acquaintance of the AFA because it is the same company that provides the intercoms used by referees to speak during matches.


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