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The hard line of the Cuban exile does not give up. Through a poll he has sent a message to President Barack Obama that Cuban-Americans do not want the promised changes of lifting restrictions on travel and sending remittances to the island. Barely two months have passed since another poll found that Cuban-Americans were against the embargo for the first time. There has already been a counteroffensive.

The criticisms of the intransigent line of exile did not wait then. The main arguments to disqualify it were two: the partiality of those who commissioned the survey, for having supposed economic interests in an opening with the island, and that it could not be reliable as it was made to voters and non-voters when in the local elections in Miami Despite the victory of Barack Obama, the three Republican representatives had triumphed at the polls, hand and meat of George W. Bush’s most conservative politics.

Now, a poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for the Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy (CDPA), a group that clearly advocates for the embargo, has released its results. 72% of the 500 questioned by telephone, all voters, are in favor of maintaining it and up to 58% think that the restrictions imposed in 2004 on travel, already only allowed every three years, or on sending remittances should not be lifted. , limited to $ 100 per month. Up to 69% are also against allowing American tourists to go to Cuba.

The first poll was done just after the Obama election on November 4 and published in early December by the Public Opinion Research Institute of Florida International University (FIU) commissioned by the Brookings Institute and the Cuban Study. Group of Cuban Studies. The work was done on a sample of 800 people, voters and non-voters, who were also called by phone and with an error of 3.6% (compared to 4.5% in the current poll). 55% advocated against the embargo and 66% against the restrictions. Without tails.


CDPA leaders have declared that the results, according to questions based on existing laws at this time, are not only the verification that Cubans in exile are in favor of the embargo and restrictions, as indicated by their votes in the last elections, rather, they are a warning to President Obama about his announced opening changes.

The basic questions for the comparison of the two surveys have not been the same as in the initial survey. They have had a tagline with political intent that seems to distort any parallelism. Regarding the embargo, in addition to saying: “Do you support or oppose the current United States policy of maintaining the trade and tourism embargo against the Cuban regime?” Three demands are included: “Until the Castro government releases all political prisoners, respects basic human rights, and sets a date to hold free elections.”

“These three conditions must be the basis and emphasized before any modification is carried out in the North American sanctions against Cuba,” said Mauricio Claver-Carone, executive director of the CDPA, which thus conditions the request for the lifting of the embargo with the obvious democratic values.

Regarding travel, the statement also makes them depend on the permanence of the Castro regime: “Do you think that Cubans who leave their country in search of freedom in the United States should be allowed to travel to the island while the regime of which they escaped is he still in power?



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