A number of years in the past, scientists on the College of Wisconsin studied the mind of Matthieu ricard and so they concluded that he was the happiest man on the planet. They linked 256 sensors to his head that measured his degree of stress, irritability, anger, pleasure or satisfaction, amongst others. They in contrast him with lots of of volunteers and established a measure (0.3) for which he was very sad and one other (-0.3) for which he was very glad. Ricard acquired a -0.45.

Matthieu Ricard is a physician of molecular biology, a Buddhist monk on the Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal and translator and private advisor of the Dalai Lama. He has provided an interview to the BBC, the place it reveals its secrets and techniques.

To start with, he doubts that he’s the happiest man on the planet: “How can anybody know the extent of happiness of 7 billion of human beings? It does not make sense, definitely not from a scientific viewpoint. “

“Happiness will not be merely an countless succession of nice sensations, which appears extra like a recipe for exhaustion“, cube.

For Ricard, happiness “is slightly an optimum means of being that outcomes from the cultivation of many elementary qualities resembling altruism, compassion, internal freedom, resilience, emotional steadiness, internal steadiness, internal peace and others “.

Ricard provides just a few strokes: “I’m additionally effectively as a result of I’m simply glad with little or no. I donated all of the proceeds from my books and pictures to humanitarian causes “.

The key of happiness, in accordance with Ricard, is “altruism and compassion. The egocentric pursuit of happiness doesn’t work, it’s a scenario through which everybody loses. You make your personal life depressing whereas making everybody else’s life depressing. the alternative, altruism it is a win-win scenario. The objective is to convey happiness to others and treatment their struggling and, as an additional advantage, one feels nice happiness by being sort and benevolent, “he explains.

Matthieu ricard He has not had intercourse for 30 years and has no cash, however not as a result of it’s nothing dangerous: “There may be nothing improper. It isn’t need as such and wealth that trigger struggling, however our attachment to them. The second clinging, greedy and obsession are put in, you could be positive the torment will come. Holding on is the issue, we change into hooked on them. “