The great obstacle in the negotiation of Lautaro Martínez with Inter for the renewal of the contract

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The Argentine forward seeks that the link includes a termination clause, something that the Italian club resists in order to control a possible negotiation.

Lautaro Martínez is one of the most sought after strikers in the world. With 23 years, he was already in the sights and interest, among others, of the two giants of Europe: Barcelona and Real Madrid. The 9 of the National Team has a whole future ahead of him and Inter knows it. Therefore, the Italian team urgently seeks to renew the contract to Toro, expiring in June 2023.

But the negotiation is complicated. Beyond the fact that this week Lautaro’s representative will meet with the leadership to reach an agreement, the player proposes something more than a salary increase: he wants to have a release clause, something the club resists.

Within the contract, Lautaro and his representatives ask for this clause so that the next time a club wants to have the forward, they have the possibility of activating their departure by depositing the stipulated money.

In the last market, Barcelona went in search of the Argentine forward to replace Luis Suarez, but a set of things ended up making the signing frustrated. The elevated clause by Lautaro, currently valued at 111 million euros, it was a hindrance, especially taking into account the institutional crisis that it was going through due to the pandemic and the fact that Inter did not accept any offer less than that number.

As is often the case, in order to reach an agreement it will be necessary to give up the positions: but for now, the ex-Racing seeks tomorrow to be able to demonstrate his talent in another power in Europe and the Italian team does not want to let go of his jewel.


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