The great Disney characters, now in video tales

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They are on the platform and it is one more way for children to get closer to reading.

Adults are always concerned about how much time children spend looking at a screen. There are countless debates about how harmful it can be to spend hours immersed in the digital world. However, is a platform that encourages reading and learning for adults and children and for its kids catalog it added exclusive Disney content.

“Technology has to be a bridge. It doesn’t have to be something that distances you. If there are good stories and good stories, technology has to bring it closer to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s on paper or not. What matters is the content, what it transmits, what makes the boy feel. What changes if it is on paper or digital, “says Viviana Zocco, CEO and founder of the company.

Disney had been developing this type of content in other countries and languages. He selected Leamos to launch 55 video stories in Spanish that feature the main characters from the successful stories of the animation giant.

Some of the titles are totally original stories, created especially for this format, and others are fragments of films that were seen in theaters. Mickey Mouse’s house, Frozen, Toy Story, Cars, The Lion King, The Incredibles and Monster Inc these are just a few of the fictions referred to.

Unlike the audiobooks, also available on this platform or digital book, in the video book the children are graphically watching the pages of the story go by. As in karaoke, when the speaker is reading, the words are lit so that those who know how to read can continue the reading. On each page there are illustrations of the characters.

“We strongly encourage reading from parents to children, or from uncles to nephews. Basically because it generates an emotional bond that nothing else generates for you. The film is more individual. I think we all remember when we went to sleep and said, ‘Can you tell me a story?‘. That still exists today as is. The point is that sometimes parents don’t have a story at hand. This having it on a phone, tablet or computer, allows you to tell them a different one every day. “

As in all Disney projects, messages have an important place. Especially at this time when the children’s entertainment industry is joining the revolutions of the world today. Women in leading roles, different types of family and cultures gradually begin to creep into her creations.

In this case the stories, which are also about Mulán, The little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Ralph the devastating They reflect the value of friendship, caring for the planet, courage, emotions and learning together.

“I am extremely convinced that reading encourages not only the imagination. Being able to live stories where one is transported to a country or situation makes you grow. It helps a lot in reading comprehension, but also emotionally.”

The CEO defined the platform as a Netflix of books. It works exactly the same. It’s a $ 550 monthly subscription service. With that, you can not only access the children’s catalog, but also the adult section, which has books, audiobooks and articles. There are more than 40 thousand titles available. In addition, from the hand of Disney,, will add educational material for children.



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