The government of Santa Fe criminally denounced Rosario Central for failing to comply with health protocols

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The provincial Ministry of Security asked that the possibility of a “criminal maneuver” be investigated by the entry of a greater number of people than those allowed in the match against Belgrano.

With ten days remaining until the official return of soccer in Argentina, and part of the attention is focused on the application of health protocols, Rosario Central was criminally denounced this Tuesday for “serious breaches” of the regulations established to guarantee prevention and control of the circulation of Covid-19.

The presentation was made by the Secretariat of Public Security, an area dependent on the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe, and aims to request that a series of irregularities detected during the friendly dispute be investigated in which Central beat Belgrano by 2 to 0 from Córdoba, last October 10, in the Gigante de Arroyito.

The complaint states that in the protocols agreed between the Cabinet Headquarters, the Argentine Soccer Association and the Ministry of Health for conducting friendly matches, it was provided, among other measures, that each delegation was allowed a maximum of 35 people.

This number includes the technical and medical staff, administrators and leaders. In addition, a small extra group is enabled that includes private security personnel, maintenance, organizational tasks, UTEDyC controls and the journalists and technicians in charge of televising the meeting.

In a previous meeting for the organization of the friendly, the guidelines dictated by the national government and the AFA were reviewed and agreed. However, always in accordance with the complaint made against the club, Central presented two lists that included a total of 269 and 283 people authorized to enter the stadium.

To the security authorities caught their attention, among other items, the inclusion of a bricklayer and a lifeguard, when the club pool is closed.

It was not the only inconsistency. “The presence of many people who are members of the group ‘Carnaval rogue’, a group that is a member of the barra brava of the host club, on the lists granted by the CARC, which were not allowed to enter, called our attention”, it is stated in the criminal complaint.

In the brief, presented before the Territorial Center for Complaints 1, in Rosario, the alleged dialogue that Central managers had with security personnel is even described, trying to allow the entry of people who could not justify their essential work for the organization and the dispute of the friendly match against Belgrano.

“Ricardo Carloni (first vice president) and Sergio Quiroga (stadium mayor) tried to defend their behavior by stating ‘that people have not watched football for a long time’ and that ‘they could be hidden in the stalls and that television should not focus on them.’ The surprise of the police personnel and the Ministry of Security, as well as the inspectors of the municipality was not less, because they were high-ranking leaders of the club, “says the presentation to the prosecution.

On the day of the meeting, the list presented was restructured and according to the directives’ indications, there were still 183 people who were essential for the event to take place. “Among them 61 people from the campus, when the maximum ordered by AFA was 35,” the complaint states.

As part of the police operation, which according to municipal staff, started late and allowed some 180 people to enter before the agents arrived, three people were detained inside the stadium on the day of the game and thirty of the stalls were removed. that they had no essential function to fulfill.

Roberto Llumá, Undersecretary of Preventive Security, raises in the presentation the possibility that “a criminal maneuver and violation of measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic have been consummated.”

“The behaviors displayed by certain executives, mentioned in this complaint, such as those who entered or tried to enter without being essential, make up the crimes established in article 205 and 239 of the criminal code,” the complaint indicates.

Article 205 provides penalties of six months to two years in prison for those who violate the measures adopted to prevent the introduction or spread of the pandemic and 239 of fifteen days to one year for those who resist or disobey a public official at the request of a legal obligation.

Rosario. Correspondent.



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