The government does not think testing with a larger audience in football matches is sensible

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The cabinet does not think it is sensible for Dutch professional football to experiment with more spectators in stadiums in October. There seems to be a line through the plan of interim director Jan de Jong of the Eredivisie CV (ECV).

De Jong told Thursday in an interview with Radio 1 that during the test supporters do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other in certain areas, provided they wear a mouth mask.

“Somewhere in October there will be experiments in football stadiums with more people admitting. It is not entirely known which clubs these are, but they are a few clubs from the Keuken Kampioen Division and Eredivisie, and in different stadiums,” said De Jong.

However, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport does not like this. “We have good agreements with the KNVB. This is not the situation to deviate from the line. We should not do that”, he responded Friday to the WE.

“Later there may be more possibilities to admit more public. But that must be justified, it must be done step by step and it must also be a joint decision.”

The Kitchen Champion Division has already been underway for two rounds and the Eredivisie will start a new season on Saturday. Most stadiums are one-third filled with spectators and the occupancy rate at the top clubs is even lower.



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