The Government determines that, now, the King will accompany Sánchez this Friday in Barcelona: “It is no longer 1-O”

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There is no longer a problem of coexistence. The judicial calendar has been cleared and the Government has decided that the Head of State and the President of the Government share an act this week in Barcelona.

As reported this morning by the Secretary of State for Communication, the King and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, will travel to Barcelona next Friday to participate in the awards ceremony of the new edition of BNEW, Barcelona New Economic Week, which will be chaired by the Monarch.

This event focused on sectors such as the digital industry, digital commerce and logistics. During this visit, the King and the President will also visit the start-up 3D Factory Incubator together, on its first year of life in the Free Zone of Barcelona, ​​according to the Government.

After the Minister of Justice referred to coexistence problems To justify the veto to the Monarch in the act of delivery of judicial dispatches, the Government has decided that, now, Don Felipe goes to Barcelona. Once the sentence of disqualification of Quim Torra and after the Monarch was the victim of attacks by some members of the Government.

The Minister of Justice himself, in this regard, explained this Monday in Onda Cero the change of position, noting that the Government now does defend the King’s trip to Barcelona because “It is no longer October 1” and, in addition, the sentence of disqualification of the former president of the Generalitat has already been issued.

According to Ep, for Campo this visit “settles into normality.” “It is the autonomous community that has visited Andalusia the most,” he recalled, and later noted that, on this occasion, there are “differential elements” that allow the King to attend without any problem. «It is not already October 1, the sentence has been handed down. It is an obligation of the rulers to twitch less, ”Campo pointed out.

The absence of the King from the handover of judges, he insisted, was not caused by a “security problem”, but to ensure coexistence. “As rulers we have the obligation to try to unsettle society less. As a government we have an obligation to promote better coexistence. And I am convinced that the King is the first who wants it, “he added.



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