This Wednesday Pedro Sánchez presents the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Economy at the Palacio de la Moncloa, in which, among other things, where and how the money granted by Europe will be used for economic recovery after the ravages of the coronavirus (140,000 million euros from the European recovery fund).

For an act that pretends to be solemn and historical, the Government has decided to have the media pianist James Rhodes, who will perform before the announcement the fourth movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, better known as the Hymn of Joy.

“Super happy (and nervous) to play Beethoven before the President’s speech on the recovery plan today. Proud to be part of Europe. But even prouder to call Spain my home“James Rhodes was telling his more than 264,000 Twitter followers.

But, Rhodes, surrounded by a charisma and affection that has not hesitated to make the Government of Sánchez his own (which has received the pianist in a private audience and launched the well-known Rhodes law against child abuse on the initiative of the musician) also has its detractors.

“It’s funny, if a little sad, to see how many people are furious because someone plays Beethoven to help celebrate receiving a fucking ton of pasta to help our country recover, “Rhodes himself stated in a Twitter thread.

“And for the haters, I have not received a penny (in fact I have refused to cover the costs of the tuner etc) “, he clarified.

Rhodes, based in Madrid, has become popular on social networks for his fun and touching way of seeing life in the purest ‘guiri’ style, always making it clear how much you like Spain and its customs.

“For me it was an honor – a wonderful way to celebrate being part of Spain and our unity with Europe. If you are upset about this, maybe it’s time to reassess priorities. If you are not upset then, thank you for not being consumed by the hate / Love and peace division to my beloved Spain “, he concluded.