The Google option that will help you not forget your birthdays

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Google Assistant is usually an important support, but the reminders for birthdays have been a sensitive point for some time.

However, after the recent unveiling of the new features of the new Snapshot Assistant, some users report receiving notifications to remember important birthdays.

And for those of us who forget even the days of the week, the news is fixed.

According to the team at Android Police, Google Assistant’s birthday reminders have already started appearing on users’ devices.

Reminders appear as a normal notification, but they are encouraging enough to make you take note of them.

As it is not at all useful to receive a notification on that day, the good news is that, according to those who have already received these pop-ups, a birthday reminder will appear about a week before the set date.

An example shared by Android Police shows how notifications look.

Interestingly, these notifications appear without being set up beforehand, they don’t seem to need configuration.

This is because birthday reminders are largely based on contacts. So, as long as you have a date of birth listed with a contact, you should receive reminders as the feature launches.

For the most demanding about the notifications they receive, there is the option to mark the notification as “useful” or “useless”, thus allowing you to hide the notifications if they seem annoying.

But if you needed such a reminder, you’ll find that the whole notification system can be more useful than you think.

This is because it not only works as a simple reminder, but when you click on the notification, you will automatically enter the page Assistant Snapshot. There you will find various suggestions on what you can do to prepare for the big day.

Because of this, you will probably have no excuse not to wish a “Happy Birthday!” or not to give a small gift.


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