He Athletic Club He has a new pearl in his hands, fresh from Lezama. We talk about Jon Morcillo, 22-year-old forward Born in Vizcaya, who debuted with the first team last September against Granada and is growing by leaps and bounds.

The youth squad started this Thursday’s match for the Bilbaoans at the José Zorrilla on the occasion of the City of Valladolid Trophy, scoring great goal in the 43rd minute that already excited San Mamés. Trim with tread after receiving, and right cross to the squad from the front, which soon became a ‘trending topic’

It did not take long for the fans in networks to ask for more minutes for the forward as well as for other homegrown players of the club. Morcillo is part of the last generation of promises fresh from Lezama, the quarry of the Bilbao club, producer of great talents of Spanish football.

From this last litter, they already rub their hands in San Mamés with Winner, Villalibre, Sancet or Zarraga. In fact, the president of the club himself, Aitor Elizegi, highlighted the young homegrown players as the players that the fans should be excited about, after the frustrated signings of “old glories” such as Llorente or Javi Martínez.

“The fans have to be excited about Morcillo, with Villalibre, with Zarraga, with Vencedor”

The fan has to be excited about Morcillo, with Villalibre, with Zarraga, with Vencedor“, he warned. However, Garitano seems not to share that weight that they must have since, removing the scorer against Valladolid, together, they add up to 70 minutes out of 360 that each could have played.

Will have to see how they are evolving and how they are taking advantage of the minutes that Garitano give them. For now, let Athletic fans write down their names, as their future seems to be in good hands.