The Glimt boss about the Hauge bids: – We have a good dialogue

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General manager Frode Thomassen (53) makes no secret of the fact that foreign clubs try to buy Jens Petter Hauge (20).

– There have been concrete offers for Jens Petter, says Thomassen – without elaborating further.

– But it must vote for Jens Petter and the club. We have a very good dialogue. So we will look at that together, says the Glimt boss.

He himself witnessed the 20-year-old’s performance in

for Milan from the stands on Thursday night, where Hauge had a goal-scoring, an insane scoring and occasionally ravaged with the Italians. The next day, Glimt’s general manager is outdoors in Milan waiting for a bus to pick up the team when he talks to VG.

Thomassen tells of a powerful experience at the San Siro, where the northerners showed themselves in a positive way for the whole of Europe and Ulrik Saltnes (27) was extremely close to shaking Milan in overtime.

– Immediately, they were almost sorry on behalf of the players, the club, the city and the supporters. At the same time, you feel a sense of pride that you can be so good in such an arena against such a good team. Getting that experience and that challenge was very good in relation to building and developing the club further, Thomassen tells VG.

He has been involved in building a club that at the beginning of the year was rock solid, both sportingly and financially. Nine months later, Glimt has taken new, big steps. And that’s how Thomassen, coach Kjetil Knutsen and sports manager Aasmund Bjørkan want it to continue.

Therefore, they do not spend much energy on potential player sales, says Thomassen.

– In Norway it is often like that, but we try to have as much focus on what we are going to develop. When we have been at a high level, it is clear that there is interest in our players, but we do not sit and look at our phone. We will of course have a sustainable and good economy, but the most important thing is to build a good sports product that allows the club and Norwegian football to take further steps, says Thomassen, before adding:

– We want to create new experiences like yesterday for the club and the city.

Coach Knutsen and sports manager Bjørkan recently told VG about. In short, it is about a large investment in self-developed young boys from Bodø, players with an X-factor and a training regime with great quality in everyday life.

Neither of them were afraid of player sales either. Nor is it Thomassen.


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