The giants stumbled: Spanish shock loss and German goal celebration

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(Ukraine – Spain 1-0, Germany – Switzerland 3-3) It is extremely even in Nations League group A4. Spain went on an unexpected loss against Ukraine, while Germany had to struggle to secure a draw against table-toppers Switzerland.

Ukraine came from three straight losses and 2-13 in goal difference, so there were probably not many who left Ukraine great opportunities in Tuesday’s home game against the football superpower Spain, but an even game ended with a 1-0 victory for Ukraine after scoring by Viktor Tsygankov.

It took 76 minutes for someone to find the meshes. Andrei Yarmolenko was given a chance to change things around. He got past the defenders and fired a shot that the keeper just missed. Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea stood far out, something the Dynamo Kiev player took full advantage of when he placed the ball controlled in the nearest corner.

The Spaniards pushed towards the end, and moved – as they often do in pressured situations – Sergio Ramos up as a striker. However, they never got the equalizer, and when the final signal came, several of the Ukrainian players fell to the grass and raised their arms. National team coach and former top scorer Andrei Schevchenko smiled from ear to ear.

Spain could have secured the group victory with a victory in Ukraine, but instead it goes towards a thriller ending in group A4.

Not sure how the Nations League actually works? Here is an explanation:

The Spaniards were not the only giant who stumbled on Tuesday.

Germany got it all but easy at home against Switzerland. The away team took the lead by Mario Gavranovic after just five minutes, and just over 20 minutes later Remo Freuler doubled the lead. Chelsea duo Timo Werner and Kai Havertz then scored two and made it 2-2, but then Gavranovic appeared with his second for the evening.

In contrast to the settlement between Ukraine and Spain, it was a real goal celebration in Cologne. Serge Gnabry provided the sixth goal of the match when he nicely flicked in 3-3 with his heel.

You can see all the scores in the video window at the top.

The results mean that Spain still sits at the top of the group. They are left with seven points, and are only one point ahead of both Germany and Ukraine. Switzerland is last in the tough group with two points.


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