A rumor has emerged for months that Samsung was thinking of including support for Galaxy S21 and Z Fold 3, something that would undoubtedly make the Note family lose sense, which just stands out for being the only one (in terms of phones) that has this accessory.

The S21 are very similar to the Note in terms of functions, although due to the date on which the Note series equipment is launched, they come with some improvements and are also the candidates to compete face to face against the iPhone in turn, hence, for many, the Note family is the best and most complete when it comes to smartphones.

However, if we talk about the high-end, the most popular is the S series, in fact, some phones have crept into the top 10 of world sales several times, so it makes sense that Samsung wants to give them even more prominence.

The end of the Note series?

According South Korean fonts, Samsung would have made the decision that the S21 and the Z Fold 3 have the support for the S-Pen. In the case of the S series, the accessory would be sold separately and the firm would sell a case where users can place the S-Pen.

On the other hand, the Z fold 3 would have it incorporated as we see it in the Note family.

Samsung has said on more than one occasion that flexible screen phones are the future, so it makes sense that the Z Fold 3 is coming to take the place of the Note series, especially considering that its ability to be used as a phone or tablet will they make much more sense to use the S-Pen.

It is not known if the S21s would have the same functions as the Note 10 as far as the S-Pen is concerned, but the Z Fold 3 is likely to arrive even with new functions.

Nor should we forget that the Z Fold 3 would be presented with the Galaxy Note 21, so this could be the year in which we will not see more phones from the Note family, or, however, Samsung has not mentioned nothing official about it.