Begin to agitated the NBA with the announcement of the most important dates such as start of season, of the draft and, of course, of start of free agency, in which the players who end their contract will cease to belong to their teams to be able to negotiate their next contract, which will be will open next November 20.

Unsurprisingly, this news has led to the exponential growth of transfer rumors across the league as well as the destinations of the best free agents. One of the most notorious that the NBA has shaken is the arrival of Chris Paul a los Phoenix Suns, where he would share a dressing room with a promise like Devin Booker … kicking ricky rubio.

And it is that the Spanish would see how one of the most reputed bases in the NBA would come to his same team to play in the same position and forcing him to find another team where you can start. And is that last season, Rubio signed some outstanding numbers: 31 minutes, 13.0 points, 8.8 assists and 36.1% in triples, his best mark in the league.

The presence of Monty Williams As coach of the Phoenix franchise, he favors the arrival of Paul, with whom he already met in Oklahoma, as well as the Thunder’s intention to renew their squad, being able to show the starting door to their 35-year-old star. However, from ESPN they point out that “the agreement is not imminent“.