The future of Matías Suárez: “He is recontracomodo in River”, warned his representative

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Cristian Colazo admitted that “it is difficult” for him to leave Núñez’s club and said that he is very happy with the group. The CD evaluates resuming the talks to extend the contract until 2023.

In the age of social media, a simple WhatsApp status can shake the waters. That on Thursday Cristian Colazo shared one with the image of his client, Matías Suárez, with seven balls and a Brazilian flag, triggered speculation about the immediate future of the Cordovan in River, where he is a key piece for Marcelo Gallardo’s scaffolding.

“At the moment of Matías, it is logical that they are interested in him. I still do not have the offer on the table, but it will arrive. I cannot say the club but it is not San Pablo. Although it is difficult for him to leave River, “said the manager and at the same time clarified that he does not know if the proposal will seduce Suarez. River, surely not.

“Surely Matías can get to have one more transfer but we have not talked about it. He is re-comfortable in River. He does not think about leaving because he is very comfortable with his teammates and with the group,” Colazo admitted in statements to TyC Sports and Radio Continental.

That comfort, combined with the threat posed by polls from Brazil, Mexico or the United States, makes the leaders intend to resume talks to extend the 32-year-old forward’s contract, which expires in June 2022, for one more year.

The intention of the CD was precisely to anticipate a situation such as the current one with an improvement in the contract and the termination clause of Cordovan talent, although the crisis derived from the pandemic made it not go ahead with an idea that sooner rather than later they intend to materialize.

Because if Suarez is comfortable in River, Gallardo He considers it vital and the fans adore him, there are plenty of reasons for him to stay and live in Núñez.

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