The fury of the French with the Netflix series Emily in Paris: a portrait about “dirty and bitter”

What could serve as a tourist hook, ended badly. Details of a controversy.

Netflix barely uploaded the first season of Emily in Paris, a group of fashion fans made this lightweight product a success, thanks to their recommendations and mentions on social networks. Contagion effect: thousands of spectators highlighted the benefits of France and the excellent wardrobe of its protagonists … But the boom was accompanied by controversy.

Emily in Paris targets the Millennial audience: Lily Collins – Phil’s daughter – is the protagonist of this story, and Darren Star, producer of the hit Sex and the City, the creator.

The camera follows an ambitious young woman who lives in Chicago and decides to move to the French capital to accept a surprise job offer that consists of managing the networks of a company. His new home introduces various situations that mix humor with Parisian settings.

During the 10 episodes – a second season is likely to come – the actress goes through numerous cultural shocks, new friendship and romance relationships, a great professional change and meets a new social class. You will have to juggle to get everything to fit.

Some called this project the new Sex and the City and there are several points of contact between these stories. The two protagonists have a great passion for fashion. The cities where the characters are located are emblems of design. To that is added that Patricia Field, the costume designer of the fiction that starred Sarah Jessica Parker, and The Devil Wears Prada, is also part of the project.

The controversy comes from the French. The critics from that country are not favorable. “The series could have been great had it not been for the caricature of the French. (…) they are described as arrogant, dirty, lazy, unpleasant, bitter … but fortunately this young American arrives to explain how life works ”, state, for example, in the middle AlloCine. “It is simply deplorable, I wonder why French actors agreed to participate in the series.”

For its part, The Hollywood Reporter was in charge of collecting other annoyances from the French media: “Rarely have we seen so many clichés of the French capital from the Parisian episodes of Gossip Girl or the end of The devil wears fashion “, they quote from RTL.

From the media group Premiere they think that “Emily in Paris it portrays all the French as bad and lazy and never comes to the office until late in the morning. “

Lucas Bravo, the gallant of the series, French, explained that popular anger to the Spanish newspaper The vanguard: “We like to hate everything. Our city is made of cliches. And surely we will love to hate the series or we will hate that we love it ”.

While, Emily in Paris continues as a trend on Netflix and Lily Collins is discovered by many in the world, despite her great resume.

The girl of the moment in the streaming is 31 years old. Born in Guildford on March 18, 1989, also a model, Lily made her film debut 11 years ago, in the film The Blind Side. He has a Golden Globe Award nomination on his resume for his performance in Rules Don’t Apply.

Communicator, specialized in television journalism at the University of Southern California, is the only child from Phil Collins’ second marriage to Jill Tavelman (he has four other children). Her parents divorced when she was five years old. In 2017 she dared to write No filters, no shame, no regrets. Just me, a book in which she talked about the eating disorders she suffered as a teenager and the troubled relationship with her father.


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