The pandemic has been difficult for everyone and one of the most affected industries in these times has been that of spectator sports, including, among them, the world of professional motorsports.

Despite the cancellation of all sporting events for several months, the racing world found an outlet.

We all agree that, within the world of video games, racing simulators are the segment that has the most application in the real world.

We already know several success stories of a few simulator pilots, such as the professional pilot career for We are not (the sports branch of Nissan) of Jann Mardenborough, who won the contest / reality show, GT academy of Great tourism.

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Different motorsport personalities met online and competed in different events through the Internet; among them, the world champions of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, of which we will talk later.

Some of the most famous events were: the 24 hours of virtual LeMans and different Formula 1 grand prix in a modality in which some current drivers compete against different figures of sports And till youtubers avid to the subject of SimRacing.

Despite the great success of watching different figures racing online from their homes, it was not all laughter and fun, as some drivers made crucial mistakes and lost their equipment and were fired by their sponsors.

The most notorious case was that of the pilot of the Nascar Formula Kyle Larson, who, thinking that his voice chat was not connected, repeated loudly and clearly what Americans know as the n-word.

The results of this slip were immediate; he was expelled from the race and, in less than two hours, his team and all his sponsors had come out strongly against his words and announced that he was fired.

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Those who shone the most among the professional pilots were the youngsters Formula 1. So much Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), as Lando Norris (McLaren), they became avid streamers of Twitch, which helped create a connection with fans that has probably never been seen with pilots from Formula 1.

And, returning to the theme of Jenson Button, the Brit started his own series team GT World Challenge Europe (Jenson Team Rocket) together with McLaren, running with him 720 GT3, with the great surprise of hiring a pilot without previous professional experience.

James Baldwin, a simulator pilot, streamer and contestant of the contest Worlds Fastest Gamer, to the great surprise that the team won the first race of the season and placed at the top of the championship table.