The French Dispatch postponed until Cannes 2021?

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Even for the new film by Wes Anderson, which would have been among the protagonists on the Croisette last May, had the French festival been held, a solution similar to the one hypothesized for Nanni Moretti’s Three Plans could be envisaged: return to Cannes in May next one.

Even before that Thierry fremaux officially announced it in the Official Selection (and virtual) of Cannes Film Festival this year, that The French Dispatch, the new film by Wes Anderson shot in France, it would have starred on the Croisette and in all likelihood the opening film of the festival, everyone knew.
Then what happened happened, Cannes jumped, and so did the release of The French Dispatch in cinemas all over the world, postponed first to July, then to October, and now at a later date.

The resurgence of the Coronavirus, and the numbers registered at the box office around the world, are pushing the American majors to continuously slide their flagship titles.
The Disney – now owner of the Searchlight, under whose banner it was produced The French Dispatch – he let out Mulan directly in streaming, and postponed the releases of many films Marvel, of the West Side Story by Spielberg and by Deep Water, the erotic thriller with Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck which marks the return to directing of Adrian Lyne’s Nine and 1/2 weeks e Fatal Attraction. And at the moment, the Wes Anderson – which was initially postponed to July and then to October – is indicated on the price lists Searchlight released in the United States with a generic release scheduled for 2021.
Anything awards season per Anderson, therefore.
And as a result, many have begun to speculate that The French Dispatch may have been postponed to next year also to be really projected to Cannes, in the edition 2021 of the festival, when – we all really hope – the world of cinema and our lives will have returned to something much closer to normal than the situation we are still experiencing.

Wes Anderson come Nanni Moretti, therefore?
Also Three floors, the new film by the Italian director, was among the films we would see in Cannes in May 2020 and, when the festival was canceled, its release was also suspended. Someone had rocked the dream of seeing him to Venice, and so it has not been, and since then (but also before) Three floors does not appear in the release calendar of 01 Distribution. The opinion of the usual well-informed is that for Three floors it was decided to wait a whole year, and to show the film at Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Should it really be as reported, The French Dispatch it could become the first film in the Official Selection of two different editions of the Cannes Film Festival: that of 2020, just virtual, and that of 2021, which we hope to see realized.
Meanwhile, unofficially confirmed rumors and arrived first away Twitter by the Italian journalist Gianmaria Tammaro, then also from overseas sources, they would like Anderson intending to shoot his next film in Italy, in Rome, where he had already made part of The aquatic adventures of Steve Zissou.



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