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Life in Extremadura in the mid-eighties was not the same as that of my countryman’s childhood Castle a few decades earlier, but the ABC continued to arrive in town with the late three o’clock train. There were other options to read, but only two relevant; the “Hoy” in Badajoz, which I had the good fortune to direct thirteen years ago, and the ABC in Madrid, in which I just completed my first month as director. That ABC of my fourteen or fifteen years, in exchange for fifty pesetas that I set aside from my pay every Saturday and Sunday, served to open my eyes to the world. Exciting things were happening out there and the newspaper discovered them. In that way the vocation was born. I, as it seems he said Dan Rather, I became a journalist to satisfy my curiosity; only for that.

The ABC of 35 years ago brought out a lot Fernando Moran and he wrote about the Castro dictatorship, but also about Stroessner’s. In that newspaper there were no distinctions between good and bad dictatorships. It had an impressive gravure section, with acid photo comments and a great final display of social life, also very graphic. Carrascal had not returned from Washington and Opinion stars were Lorenzo Contreras, Campmany, which came from the Movement press, and Antonio Burgos, of the house of all life. The time had not yet come to Ussía and of Jimenez Losantos. It had some very sparkling Opinion releases in a section called Zigzag signed by Ovid and the tribunes and Terceras also reserved space for the left intelligentsia, such as Porcel, Tusell, Fernan-Gomez, Camacho The Alberti.

The usual ABC has shown its liberality like no other headline, without its open-mindedness producing the slightest complex. And so it must be to continue being the ABC of always and therefore the ABC of tomorrow. The other night, Antonio Burgos pointed out some words from the mythical Luis Calvo, a right-wing acrat promoted to the status of great director: “ABC must look like ABC.” A newspaper, ABC, according to its history and founding ideal, conservative in its convictions and liberal in its conduct and exercise. Not sticking to convictions is foolhardy, as much as failing to abide by your temperamental liberalism. Newspapers live difficult times because fear has settled within their psyche, they have too much insecurity, fear of disappointing, of not fulfilling what is expected of them. It is a defensive, impoverishing and sad reaction. Principles do not limit you, they drive you. Journalism and ABC are growing bigger, with the will to expand, to go far, to more kiosks, to more screens, to more public, to more generations; journalism is advanced, take risks, champion causes, open paths, be decisive. In short, to project yourself, in front of those who consider that the principles work as limitation, containment or censorship, to diminish yourself; as a kind of sacred casket under seven keys that can hardly be interpreted by a select few or self-appointed guardians of essences. Pure talk. ABC has to serve current and future generations, to remain useful and relevant to the children and grandchildren of our readers. An editorial project that knows where it comes from, what its place is and to whom it is owed, but that does not stop, that accompanies the Spanish in social change.

The best presentation ever made in this house was made Camba in 1913: «My name is Camba … To enter a newspaper is for one like entering the bosom of an unknown family. I find myself very self-conscious at first… I am in the situation of the shy man who, just entered a house, sits with his knees together and a very stupid face, and starts talking about the weather ». Camba, historical icon of ABC, made the militias in the anarchism and in the republican press, in a journey similar to the one previously carried out by the most important firm of all time, Azorin. ABC has always known how to sign intelligently. Ignacio Camacho, an indisputable reference for the last twenty years, he spent half his professional life in competing newspapers before. And the Spanish journalist that I have most admired, Martin FerrandHe arrived at the House at the age of 56 and with a biography full of successes to rise as one of the main references of the newspaper for more than three decades.

ABC has always signed because its essence is to attract talent to its cause, since the time of the founder, who named his award Cavia, clearly far removed from the postulates of Don Torcuato. All those mentioned, and many others, made ABC and above all ABC made them, giving them a platform and protection. But today, for the signatories of the blood cleansing, Martín Ferrand, Azorín or Camba could even be suspicious. Absurd. You cannot boast of liberality with respect to the past when you renounce it in the present.

We will continue to incorporate various firms because it is in the nature of ABC, that is why they keep a place here Isabel San Sebastian, Girauta, Ceilings, Albiac, Hugues, Cuartango, Prada, Belmonte The Herrera. What has never been incompatible with the promotion of the quarry and the names of the House. In 1992 I did some fleeting internships at the Madrid Newsroom, thanks to Vera, who was in charge of the delegations. Next to it was He felt, leading Nacional, many years later we became friends. Like what happened to me Rodrigo Gutierrez, who watched the night and gave an overwhelming respect from his booming voice and his two meters tall. Many of them came out of the newspaper; it is the law of life. When a project is really important and vital, it surpasses the specific people, the authors, the directors, the columnists, the editors, everyone. The project takes on its own and superior force. However, the government of the editorial page, the section heads and the continuity table depends on men and women who were already here in 1992, more than thirty years working at ABC, many of them anonymously, without the lights of the fair. articulism. And speaking of articles, stick with this name, Alberto Garcia Reyes: from the quarry of ABC Sevilla has already established a place in the patio of columns of the Spanish press. And others to come.

With the strength of our history and the energy of our quarry, with the contribution of new and classic firms, with the support of readers, we will continue in the same battle. With more opinion, with news, with bets, with more digitization. Defending judicial independence, market economy, parliamentary monarchy, informational plurality, liberal democracy, Christian humanism, educational freedom, Western culture, civil society, sanitation of public accounts and patriotism as defined of Felipe VI in his proclamation: “In Spain there are different ways of feeling Spanish.” Because Camacho Y Garcia Reyes they come from Andalusia, Windy from Galicia, Girauta from Barcelona, Belmonte from Murcia or Hugues and myself from Valencia. My name is not Camba, but as Camba I have wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Quiros, Vocento’s Board of Directors has appointed me director of ABC with the same responsibility and autonomy that they granted me for eleven years in “Las Provincias”, with the same responsibility and autonomy as my predecessors at ABC. And I plan to exercise it with all its consequences. We started.



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