The Fossil Gen 5E is the budget version of the Gen 5 released last year

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Fossil is one of the most respected companies in the field of wristwatches and for several years now it has devoted some of its resources to expanding its offering of smarwatches. Now Fossil announces the Fossil Gen 5E as a clear successor to the Gen 5 we saw announced last year but with a twist: the Gen 5E is a budget version of the Gen 5.

It is curious because, despite being a lower priced version, the Fossil Gen 5E has the most outstanding technical specifications of its smartwatch. And while it’s not entirely obvious, the Gen 5E appears to be a distinctly better version of the Gen 5 at an even more affordable price.

Details of the Fossil Gen 5E

The Fossil Gen 5E comes in two different sizes: 44 and 42mm. What is smaller are its bezels since they both have the same 1.19-inch OLED screen, the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and the same price between sizes: that is, both the 42mm Gen 5E and the 44mm cost the same. same.

Other things have changed with respect to the predecessor model: the Fossil Gen 5E is launched with 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and a 300mAh battery. Yes, each of these features has been reduced and some may consider that the price reduction is not enough but the Gen 5E still retains the same software and capabilities in this regard.

Other deductions suffered by the Fossil Gen 5E with respect to the previous model are three of its sensors: the new smartwatch does not have an altimeter, nor does it have an ambient light sensor to regulate the brightness of its OLED screen -which, in turn , the autonomy of the device would be affected – and it does not have an internal compass either.

Fossil advertises the Fossil Gen 5E that it supports up to 3ATM of pressure, which means that it will be able to splash and get wet in the rain without problems, but it is not recommended to submerge it under any point of view; much less take it to our swimming routines.

Unlike the US $ 300 that we have to pay for a Fossil Gen 5, the Fossil Gen 5E offers the same design with a stainless steel body and meshes of different materials, all of them, as well as with its sizes of 42 and 44mm, at a price of US $ 250. And all this without giving up its NFC and GPS connectivity.


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