Former NHL hockey player Brandon Prust has reopened his verbal coffin. This time, Tuukka Rask got some of the Canadian’s sharp comments.

Proust posted to Twitter on Thursday a video of Dallas Stars goalkeeper Anton Hudobin. In the video, the Russian keeper got a necklace shared by the team after each match.

– We’re not going home, Hudobin shouted in joy at his place in the NHL finals.

Prust released the video with the text “The Opposite of Tuukka Rask”.

The ex-hockey player refers to the Finnish guard’s decision to skip the NHL playoffs. Rask said in mid-August that he wants to be with his family.

Presenter of the Boston radio station WEEI Greg Hillin according to the daughter of the Rask family was ill and in need of urgent care.

Prust’s tweet garnered likes, but also a lot of criticism. Many commenters recalled that the health of loved ones is a bigger thing than hockey.

The former attacker was not startled by the criticism, but loaded back.

– She’s a bitch. Don’t ask 8 million if you want to go home to cuddle.

What makes the comments ironic is that the ex-hockey player has his charity Prusty4kids.

The previous uproar in the spring

This is not the first time Prust has been in the eye of a storm. In April, he barked at a blogger activist Kelly Wickham Hurstia racist

Wickham-Hurst highlighted the inequality experienced by the African-American population on Twitter at the time. Prust’s comments caused a great stir.

Played and coached in the Canadian Junior Leagues Brock McGillis pointed out that Prust’s language was not appropriate. Prust, for his part, barked at McGillis’ career.

Prust played nine seasons and nearly 500 matches in the NHL. He represented the Calgary Flames, Phoenix Coyotes, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks. In 486 matches, the striker scored 40 + 75.

Prust ended his career in the German DEL League in the spring of 2017.