‘The Force of Wanting’: Zeca hits boatman when shooting Ritinha and Ruy and is arrested

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A thoughtless attitude by Zeca (Marco Pigossi) will cost you dearly, literally, in the soap opera “A Força do Querer”. In the next chapters of the plot of nine, the trucker marries Ritinha (Isis Valverde), unaware that she is pregnant, and loses control when he catches her meeting Ruy (Fiuk) still dressed as a bride. He takes a shotgun from a nearby vessel and shoots in the direction of the two when he sees his beloved get on his rival’s boat, but misses the target and hits a boatman. Despite providing help and even donating blood to the victim, Abel’s son (Tonico Pereira) will have to sell the truck to pay compensation, in addition to spending the night in jail.

Zeca despairs and when he sees that he hit a boatman

By this time, Ritinha has already been spanked by her mother for looking for Ruy and receiving a note from him, leaving her own wedding party to meet the boy in Rio, just to show that she got married and say that she no longer needs him. Janete (Eline Porto) sees her leaving and tells Zeca, who goes after the woman and catches the two together. Furious, he fires a shotgun at both of them, but hits the boatman and despairs when he realizes what he has done.

‘The Force of Wanting’: Zeca assumes guilt and donates blood to the victim

Zeca takes the boatman to the hospital and immediately takes the blame: “It was me, doctor. I did it by accident, but it was me”. The doctor says the victim needs a blood transfusion and he is ready to donate immediately. After the procedure, the driver is taken to the police station, where he is informed that he will have to spend the night in detention. “I never took a gun, I never shot anything. I was so crazy that when I saw that shotgun over there that …”, the truck driver justified.

‘The Force of Wanting’: Zeca discovers he will have to pay compensation

The next morning the police officer arrives and gives news of the victim to Zeca: “He didn’t die but he damaged his shoulder, it will be time without being able to work, undergoing treatment in Belém! He also lost the shotgun load he was taking to the farmer in Castanhal, and the farmer has already warned that he will file a lawsuit “. “So am I going to be arrested?” Asks Ritinha’s husband, and the policeman replies: “You’ll have to pay a lot of money to cover their losses and get rid of the process !. I talked to the farmer, your truck covers”.

Zeca will get involved with Jeiza in ‘The Force of Querer’

After being released, Zeca takes the keys to the truck, and prepares to deliver it, devastated. The script indicates that he holds his tears, as he runs his hand through the bodywork as if he caresses and says goodbye to a friend. And in the following chapters, the mortorist decides to forget about Ritinha and in this way getting involved with Jeiza (Paolla Oliveira), despite the fact that the two were surprised at the first meeting.

(Text updated by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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