‘The Force of Wanting’: Ritinha reveals pregnancy and Ruy refuses to assume. ‘Aborts’

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In the soap opera “A Força do Querer”, despite trying to win Ritinha (Isis Valverde) at all costs since he met her, even though he was engaged to another, Ruy (Fiuk) will reject her when the girl reveals that she is pregnant. Living in a hidden place, on a beach away from Rio de Janeiro, and expecting Zeca’s son (Marco Pigossi), the “mermaid” reveals the pregnancy to her lover, without saying, of course, that he is not the father. The executive receives the news on the eve of his wedding to Cibele (Bruna Linzmeyer), and furiously warns that he will not take over the child. “Make an abortion”, demands in scenes that will air next week in the plot originally shown in 2017.

Ritinha and Ruy have sex on a boat escape

Everything happens after the wedding of Zeca and Ritinha, who leaves the party to go to Ruy, in order to show that he got married and does not need him to go to Rio de Janeiro. However, the husband catches the encounter and shoots them both, out of control, certain that he is being betrayed. Startled, the girl jumps into the stranger’s boat and the two flee together. In the moonlight, they end up indulging the attraction and have their first fuck. Ruy then takes Ritinha to Rio de Janeiro, as he has been promising since he met her. He gets a house on a distant beach for the young woman to stay, accompanied by Marilda (Dandara Mariana), her best friend, who comes to the city at the boy’s request, since Edinalva (Zezé Polessa), her mother, is missing for a few chapters until he landed in Niterói looking for his daughter, in order to apply another concealer for the new escape.

Ritinha gives the news of the pregnancy and Ruy gets angry

A few days later, when Ruy’s wedding to Cibele is about to happen, Ritinha tells her lover that she is pregnant, and he reacts angrily, blaming her: “You’re kidding me! If that’s true, it was all the more reason to have gone. What are you going to be doing here? Wow, you couldn’t have been more careful, could you? ” Furious, Joyce’s son (Maria Fernanda Cândido) says: “We are too young to have a child, Ritinha! A son now will only disturb people’s lives. Both mine and yours. Have an abortion”.

Ruy says he won’t take on Ritinha’s son

Upon hearing the abortion proposal, Ritinha immediately refuses and says it’s not even to play with. Ruy is even more revolted when she sees the pregnant woman indignant, and says: “What do you want? Screw my life? You don’t want to take it, you don’t take it, but you don’t think I’m going to take over, because I won’t, and you don’t stay here either. ” Insensitive, he warns that she will have to leave the house: “Think about what you’re doing, huh Ritinha! I’ll give you until tomorrow to think. I’m giving the best solution for everyone! Take it or leave it. And, if you let go, forget that i exist too “.

(Text updated by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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