The five reinforcements that are falling into Independent

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First corona patients transferred to Germany on Friday

The first corona patients will be transferred to Germany on Friday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). It is the...

The coach’s priority is to close Uruguayan Sebastián Sosa to cover the gap in the goal. And there is expectation for other names.

Beyond what can be spoken face to face during each training session at the Villa Domínico campus, Lucas Pusineri is waiting on your phone. Expect good news from one moment to the next throughout the day, every day. They are the reinforcements, which are close, according to what the leaders tell him, and that they do not finish arriving. But he is optimistic that by the end of this week he will have at least the first confirmed.

It is the hope that despairs for the DT of Independiente. He knows that he is the only coach of the Hugo Moyano era in the Avellaneda club to which they did not bring any reinforcement. He had to arrive at a delicate economic moment for the institution, the country and, now due to the pandemic, the world.

The need to reorder the numbers goes against their will to strengthen the squad. But possibilities were opened because there were several significant contract cancellations, including terminations, requests for freedom of action, assignments and some sale. And this would allow you to incorporate new contracts. Of course: no longer as high as those that came out.

In any case, the leadership does not have a bulging wallet. Quite the opposite. Therefore, the search to try to fulfill Pusineri’s orders is not easy at all. Incorporating free or loaner players at no or low charge is the chosen mechanism to avoid spending too much and bringing players. At most, there could be some investment measured within budget to continue capitalizing.

There are several open negotiation fronts in the Red, but no one signed yet. Some are falling, others more stuck. What are the names that can become Independiente’s reinforcements in the next few hours?

He is the goalkeeper that DT wants after Álvaro Montero, Pedro Gallese and Agustín Rossi fell. Half He has already spoken with the 34-year-old Uruguayan who is in Mazatlan of Mexico.

From the leadership they preferred Marcos Diaz Since it is free and more accessible, but at the insistence of the technician they contacted Sosa to advance his contract. The barrier is that the Montevidean will have to disassociate himself to arrive with the pass in his possession. It will depend on the footballer to make his exit.

The 29-year-old central defender who was released from Lanús has had a verbal agreement with Independiente for a few days.

During these hours, it remains to finalize details of the operation and then the medical review will be carried out. It is the closest to reaching Avellaneda.

I would sign no later than next week.

Also a central defender, but left-handed. In addition, he can serve as a winger for that band. He is 20 years old and it is an interesting project for Temperley, who has already played in the Youth National Team.

He Diablo offered a loan with a charge of $ 100,000 and a purchase option of $ 400,000 for 50 percent to be paid in December 2021. But he proposed installments to pay the transfer fee and in the Gasolero They seek to collect everything cash or at least a majority part of that amount.

At the same time, in Avellaneda they hope to arrange a loan abroad for Alexander Barboza to define Demartini, who has already expressed that he wants to make the leap.


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