The scooters They are the most common two-wheeled vehicle in Spanish cities. In their motorcycle version, with more than 50 cubic centimeters of displacement, they are the preferred means of transport for urbanites thanks to their ease of driving and their manageability.

These are the most successful motorcycle brands in Spain (in case you are looking for ideas)

But even if they are simpler vehicles also need maintenance that makes them look like new and helps them function like the first day. And, indeed, this care is not as complex as it may seem but requires a minimum of attention.

Moreover, in some cases, the necessary revisions and changes are so simple that they can be carried out quietly ‘at home’, although it is always advisable to go through the workshop if major faults are appreciated. Anyway, Here are five main elements of a scooter to pay attention to:

  1. Battery. It tends to fail more than that of a car since it is used less and is more exposed. If the scooter is not used for a long time, it is better to disconnect it but in case the motorcycle is difficult to start or the lights lose power, it will be necessary to think about checking or changing it.
  2. The oil. As in any vehicle, the fluids must always be at the precise level. It must be changed every year or every two years (depending on the model) if there are no problems. If the motorcycle loses cushioning or you detect stains on the ground, it will have to be refilled first.
  3. The brakes. It is advisable to change the brake fluid every two years and check the condition of the entire system. If you hear noises when braking or the discs are very worn, you will have to go to the workshop.
  4. The tires. They are the essential part of any vehicle and need to be replaced when obvious wear is apparent and the groove is almost gone. It is best to check your pressure periodically when you pass the gas station.
  5. The bodywork. Keeping your scooter clean is the best way to detect faults and breakdowns, plus it sure looks like the first day. You must use cotton cloths and specific products for the plastic of the motorcycle, in addition to remembering that you should never let it dry in the sun.