The smartwatches They are the kings of the wearables in the sports world… and we are not surprised! Most of them are able to guide us thanks to their integrated GPS, they tell us the distance we travel, as well as the calories burned and, in addition, they carry out an exhaustive analysis of each sport session. For this reason, and although it is also difficult to see a runner without his headphones bluetooth, it is much less likely to find an athlete who does not wear a smart watch on his wrist. Further, in the market we can find models with the most varied features and prices to fit all sports needs and most pockets.

However, those who are starting in a sport discipline and who still do not have an established routine, can see in the sportwatches An unnecessary expense, but you don’t want to give up monitoring your workouts. For them, activity bracelets are the best option. These gadgets They are more basic than smart watches, but they are no less complete for that. And less, if we bet on devices such as the Charge 4 model, from Fitbit, which We have found a 33% discount on Amazon thanks to Prime Days. Thus, for belonging to Amazon Prime it can be yours for less than 100 euros. Do you want to discover all its benefits?

The Charge 4 activity tracker from Fitbit.

What does the Fitbit bracelet offer you?

  • Great autonomy. This activity bracelet offers up to seven hours of battery life to ensure that, during the sports day, it serves as an accompaniment and registers all our brands. In addition, during the time of use, it notifies us of all the text messages, apps, missed calls or alerts from the calendar of our ‘smartphone’, facilitating the update and helping us to arrive on time to all our appointments (whether with sports or not).
  • Integrated GPS. So that it is not necessary to carry the mobile with us when we go out to exercise, be it running or hiking, this FItbit includes a GPS that, in addition to the route, marks the pace followed and distance traveled during the exercise. It should be noted that, at the end, it allows us to consult the training intensity map to propose new goals and ensure the improvement of our capacities.
  • Heart rate under control. One of the indexes that must be controlled the most when we exercise is the heart rate, as it is a good indicator of the effort we are making. The one on this activity bracelet also helps you to optimize your workouts and to know your sports trends, data of great help to advance your health and fitness goals.
  • Sleep phases and score. The Charge 4 records the time that one spends in the different phases of sleep (light, deep and REM) and offers a score in the Fitbit application to better understand how we sleep and improve the quality of our rest.

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