After two years of non-government, Belgium finally got a government this autumn. It is made up of seven parties, one of which is the Flemish Green Party of Groen.

At the same time, the first transgender politician, the Groen party, was elected to the Belgian government Petra De Sutter. It tells about this, for example CNN.

De Sutter was elected one of the country’s deputy prime ministers. Prior to that, he has served in the European Parliament since July 2019. Under the Minister’s detention, he is a transgender person in the highest political position in Europe.

Belgium has been without a government since the overthrow of the four-party government in December 2018. During this time, the country has been led by a transitional government led by the Prime Minister. Sophie wilmes.

De Sutter is a gynecologist by profession who specializes in fertility. In politics, he has advocated for the rights of transgender people and the rights of procreation.

“I was forty when I decided to become the perfect woman I had always been, and because of that decision, I lost co-workers, acquaintances and even friends,” she says in a report published on her website. in an interview.

– Not everyone has the same happiness in life as I have, I have been accepted in the work community, my partner has accepted me and I have been accepted in love. Very few in my situation have been so lucky.

Transgender refers to people who are born with a different gender than what their gender identity is. They can repair their bodies with, for example, hormone treatments or surgeries to match their true gender identity.

Some just want to change the gender entry in a passport, for example.

For example, it is currently in force in Finland legislation, according to which a person is required to undergo sterilization, ie inability to reproduce, if he or she wishes to correct his or her legal sex, for example the passport.