The first seven-seater electric car comes from Tesla: how much does the new option cost you

If you have a large family and want an electric car, Tesla has just revealed when it will introduce the possibility of purchasing a seven-seater car.

There has long been speculation about a seven-seater version of the Tesla Model Y, the company’s crossover. The first online information appeared in December 2018, and now we have received a confirmation from Elon Musk on the subject.

The smaller SUV of the American giant has been in production for a long time, but next month will start the production of the seven-seater iteration, while the first copies will be available from December this year, as the CEO writes. The company in the post below on Twitter.

Compared to the standard price of a five-seater Tesla Model Y, which hovers around $ 45,000 to $ 50,000, the seven-seater upgrade costs you only $ 3,000. As a reference, on the Tesla website, it is mentioned that the first units will be delivered in 2021, but Elon Musk probably knows better.

As a reference, as in Romania, electric cars come bundled with some financial benefits from the American state. Thus, instead of 50,000 you pay about $ 46,000 on a Tesla Model Y. On this principle, it is as if the seven-seater upgrade is free. In theory, Musk also referred to a cheaper version of the Model Y a few months ago. Unfortunately, it is not known when that will arrive in representations.

If you are flirting with the purchase of a Tesla electric car just for the gross performance, I recommend you wait until the second half of next year. Then the Plaid Model S, the fastest in the carmaker’s portfolio, should appear.


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